90 Spirited Away Quotes That’ll Bring You to Spirit Realm

This list of the best Spirited Away quotes is perfect for all the Otakus and fans of anime out there. 

Spirited Away is a Japanese animated film which is written and directed by the renowned animation filmmaker and storyteller, Hayao Miyazaki.

The film was animated by Studio Ghibli Inc., which is known for its high-grossing animated films. 

The plot of the movie revolves around Chihiro, a 10-year-old girl who accidentally entered the spirit realm and was trapped there with her parents who turned into pigs.

The movie reflects her struggle to find a way to turn her parents back to normal and go back to the human world.

If you are a fan of fantasy films, you would surely enjoy this collection.

So strap up, and let us take you to a whole different world.

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Best Spirited Away Quotes

1. “Once you’ve met someone, you never really forget them. It just takes a while for your memories to return.” – Zeniba

2. “You have to hold your breath while you cross the bridge. Even the tiniest breath will break the spell, and then everyone will see you.” – Haku

3. “That’s how Yubaba controls you—by stealing your name.” – Haku

4. Lin: “What’s going on here?”

Kamaji: “Something you wouldn’t recognize. It’s called ‘love’.”

5. “Welcome the rich man, he’s hard for you to miss. His butt keeps getting bigger, so there’s plenty there to kiss!” – Aniyaku

6. “Once you do something, you never forget—even if you can’t remember.” – Zeniba

7. “Listen, Haku. I don’t remember it, but my mom told me. Once, when I was little, I fell into a river. She said they’d drained it and built things on top. But I’ve just remembered, the river was called the Kohaku River. Your real name is Kohaku.” – Chihiro

8. “Three days of eating our food, and her smell will go away. And if she doesn’t work hard, roast her, boil her, do whatever you want. Now get back to work!” – Haku

9. “I finally get a bouquet, and it’s a goodbye present. That’s depressing.” – Chihiro

10. “We’re identical twins and exact opposites.” – Zeniba

11. “If you completely forget your name, you’ll never find your way home. I’ve tried everything to remember mine.” – Haku

12. “I’ve gotta get out of this place. Someday, I’m getting on that train.” – Lin

13. “Staying in this room is what will make you sick!” – Chihiro

14. “Don’t worry! You’ve got daddy here. He’s got credit cards and cash.” – Akio Ogino

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Famous Spirited Away Quotes

15. “Quit whining. It’s fun to move to a new place, it’s an adventure.” – Yuko Ogino

16. “Where did you learn how to spin, No-Face?” – Zeniba

17. “Use it to tie your hair. It’ll protect you. It is made from the threads your friends wove together.” – Zeniba

18. “If you make Sen cry, I won’t like you anymore.” – Boh

19. “Now go, and don’t look back.” – Haku

20. “No-Face, if you even put one scratch on that girl, you’re in big trouble.” – Lin

21. “Chihiro, don’t cling like that, you’ll make me trip.” – Yuko Ogino

22. “A human! You’re in trouble! You’re the one everyone’s been looking for!” – Lin

23. “You still haven’t noticed that something precious to you has been replaced.” – Haku

24. “Play with me or I’ll break your arm.” – Boh

25. “Come on! Quit eating! Let’s get out of here!” – Chihiro

26. “Daddy, are we lost?” – Chihiro

27. “You pea-brain, can’t you even tell me from your own mother?” – Zeniba

28. “There aren’t two of him here, are there?” – Chihiro

29. “Let me just suck on the tail please!” – Chichiyaku

Spirited Away Quotes on Love and Mystery

30. Kamajii: “Don’t you remember anything?”

Haku: “Just little pieces. Chihiro kept calling my name in the darkness. I followed her voice and woke up lying here.”

Kamajii: “Chihiro, huh? Her real name’s Chihiro? Can’t beat the power of love.”

31. “Hahaha! My sister put that there so she could control Haku and you killed it! Hahaha! But it’s strange, only love can remove a seal.” – Zeniba

32. Chihiro: “Granny, I just want you to know my real name. It’s Chihiro.”

Zeniba: “Oh, what a pretty name. Be sure to take good care of it, dear.”

33. Chihiro: What are all those stones? They look like little houses.

Chihiro’s Mother: Those are shrines. Some people believe spirits live in them.”

34. Chihiro: “You can’t remember your name?”

Haku: “No. But for some reason I remember yours.”

35. Haku: “I remember you falling into my river, and I remember your little pink shoe.”

Chihiro: “So, you were the one who carried me back into shallow waters, you saved me! I knew you were good!”

36. “Open your mouth and eat this. If you don’t eat food from this world, you’ll disappear.” – Haku

37. Unnamed: “You’re hiding something, Lin. Come on, spit it out.”

Lin: “Is this what you smell?”

Unnamed: “Roasted newt.”

38. “Now, I remember your name. Your name is the Kohaku River.” – Chihiro

39. “There must be some mistake. None of these pigs are my parents.” – Chihiro

Spirited Away One-Liners and Quotes That Show Determination

40. “The Radish Spirit!” – Chihiro

41. “It’s just a bad dream! Wake up, wake up.” – Chihiro

42. “Hey, Lin. What’s a foreman?” – Chihiro

43. “Germs! I’ve got germs, see?” – Chihiro

44. “I’m see-through!” – Chihiro

45. “It’s a bathhouse.” – Chihiro

46. “No! Don’t leave me, I don’t want to be alone!” – Chihiro

47. “I promise I’ll get you out of here. Just don’t get any fatter or they’ll eat you!” – Chihiro

48. “I’m not leaving until you give me a job!” – Chihiro

49. I can’t believe you pulled it off! You’re such a dope, I was really worried.” – Lin

50. “Shut your mouth!” – Chihiro

51. “Open your mouth. That’s it. Got it. Now swallow!” – Chihiro

52. Chihiro’s Father: “A new home and a new school? It is a bit scary.”

Chihiro: “I think I can handle it.”

53. Lin: “Don’t worry, stay right where you are, I’m coming to get you. You’re gonna be fine, I won’t let him hurt you.”

Chihiro: “I think he needs help. It feels like there’s a thorn in his side.”

54. “That hurts! Please, I’ll play with you later, okay?” – Chihiro

Aggressive and Straightforward Spirited Away Quotes

55. Lin: “What? Don’t you dump her on me!”

Haku: “You said you wanted an assistant.”

56. Boh: “I’m not afraid of germs. If you don’t play with me, I’ll cry.”

Chihiro: “Please don’t cry, just wait.”

Boh: “Right now, or I’ll start crying.”

Chihiro: “Don’t cry. Don’t cry.”

57. “You humans always make a mess of things, like your parents who gobbled up the food of the spirits like pigs. They got what they deserved.” – Yubaba

58. “This is a high-class place I’m running here!” – Yubaba

59. “Hands down, you’ll insult our guest.” – Yubaba

60. “Don’t get fresh with me, young man.” – Yubaba

61. “Oh, Haku’s bleeding all over the carpet. Get him out of here. He’ll be dead soon, anyway.” – Yubaba

62. “Oh, dear, you woke up the baby!” – Yubaba

63. “Or maybe you’d like the worst, nastiest job I’ve got, until you breathe your very last breath?” – Yubaba

64. “Sen, you did great! We made so much money!” – Yubaba

65. “Enough’s enough! I don’t care if he’s rich. This nonsense has gotta stop!” – Yubaba

66. “Don’t talk to me, and address me as Master Haku.” – Haku

67. Yubaba: “You! Where is he? What did you do with my baby?”

Haku: “He’s with your sister.”

Yubaba: “Zeniba? Very clever, Haku. I get it. You’ll get my baby back for me, but at a price. So, what do you want?”

Haku: “Tear up Sen’s contract. And then, I want you to return Sen and her mother and father back to the human world.”

68. “So, your name’s Chihiro? What a pretty name! And it belongs to me now.” – YubabaOther Spirited Away Quotes

69. Chihiro’s Father: “Look, Chihiro. There’s your new school.”

Chihiro’s Mother: “It doesn’t look so bad.”

Chihiro: “It’s gonna stink. I liked my old school.”

Spirited Away Quotes and Words of Caution

70. “You shouldn’t be here. Get out of here now!” – Haku

71. “That bird is looking for you. You’ve gotta get out of here.” – Haku

72. “Meet me at the bridge. Come alone.” – Haku

73. “I’ve known you since you were very small. Good luck, and whatever you do, don’t make a sound.” – Haku

74. Chihiro: “He’s following us.”

Lin: “Just don’t look at him.”

Other Spirited Away Quotes

75. “We don’t want her. She’ll stink the whole place up.” – Chihiro’s fellow workers

76. “Aren’t you even going to knock? You’re the most pathetic little girl I’ve ever seen.” – Door Knocker

77. “Sen! I’m sorry I called you dope before. I take it back!” – Lin

78. “I don’t need any help, this place is full of soot.” – Boiler man

79. “Thank the boiler man, you idiot.” – Lin

80. “Hey, boss. It’s me. I’m hungry. Why don’t you wake everyone up?” – No-Face

81. “You want to lose your nose?” – Lin

82. “Oh, paper cut.” – Zeniba

83 “I’d like to help you, dear, but there’s nothing I can do. It’s one of our rules here. You’ve got to take care of your parents and that dragon boyfriend of yours, on your own.” – Zeniba

84. “There. Your body matches your brain.” – Zeniba

85. “Oh, my baby. Are you alright? Are you emotionally traumatized?” – Yubaba

86. “Meet me at the bridge. I’ll take you to your parents.” – Haku

87. “I was saving this for my parents, but I think you’d better have it.” – Chihiro

88. “Where is Haku? You better get here before I forget what my parents look like. I hope Dad hasn’t gotten too fat.” – Chihiro

89. “I’ll miss you, Chihiro. Your best friend, Rumi.” – Chihiro

90. Haku: “Chihiro, thank you. My real name is Nigihayami Kohaku Nushi.”

Chihiro: “Nigihayami?”

Haku: “Nigihayami Kohaku Nushi.”

Chihiro: “What a name. Sounds like a god.”

What Life Lessons Did You Get From This Collection?

Since its release in 2001, Spirited Away has been a global phenomenon, grossing $395.8 million worldwide. It was labelled as one of the greatest films in the 21st century. It was also claimed to be the highest-grossing Japanese film in history, garnering $305 million.

Due to its amazing plot and overall production, it acquired a lot of international recognition from different award-giving bodies like the Academy Awards and the Berlin International Film Festival. The New York Times also named the film as the second “Best Film of the 21st Century.”

Hayao Miyazaki’s masterpiece teaches us the value of friendship and family. To reach our goal and destination, we should not be fueled by greed, but by love and purpose.

Have you already watched Spirited Away? Which scene is your favorite? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below.

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