50 Time Heals Quotes That’ll Lift Your Spirits

Read through this list of time heals quotes when you’re in a rough patch and need a push to realize that you can get through the pain!

In our life, experiencing challenges, struggles, and suffering is inevitable.

We may question God and the universe about why they let us experience pain, which leads to the loss of hope and the drive to continue in life.

Our society has also become so insensitive that the people around us tend to invalidate our feelings. When we feel like we have no one else to turn to, it leads to misery and even more pain.

However, remember that all that pain will heal at the perfect time! After all, time is the best healer and medicine for our wounds. It will be a long process, but the time when we get over our struggles and trauma will eventually come.

To understand that there’s more to life than pain, check out these quotes we’ve compiled. If this will not shake your feelings, then we don’t know what else will!

Let’s begin.

Best Time Heals Quotes

1. “People say time will heal all things. And when I think about time as the ultimate healer, I can’t complain. You see, it’s true that time will heal all things.” – Ernie A. Forbes

2. “Time heals everything. Sometimes you have to go through that pain and heartbreak so that you can get to the other side and come out on top.” – Christina Aguilera

3. “Time heals everything. Time corrects everything. Time is the solution to every problem, I believe. A lot of things can happen with time. All that has to be there is the intention.” – Mehcad Brooks

4. “Time discovers the truth. Time heals what reason cannot.” – Seneca the Younger

5. “Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.” – Hippocrates

6. “Time will heal everything, time will make it alright, time will cure it up, and time will heal you up.” – Nakshatra Sain

7. “The healing power of time is not a myth but a reality. Given enough time, most emotional pain eases and eventually disappears altogether.” – Allan J. Adler

8. “Time heals old pains and creates new ones. You must examine the past before you can understand the future.” – Gennady Uchitel

9. “It has been said, ‘Time heals all wounds.’ I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue, and the pain lessens. But it is never gone.” – Rose Kennedy

Inspirational Time Heals Quotes

10. “It’s a long life, sweetheart, and time heals all wounds.” – Cheryl Strayed

11. “And so I wait. I wait for time to heal the pain and raise me to my feet once again—so that I can start a new path, my own path, the one that will make me whole again.” – Jack Canfield

12. “Time heals griefs and quarrels, for we change and are no longer the same persons. Neither the offender nor the offended are any more themselves.” – Blaise Pascal

13. “Time heals everything in life, be patient, and everything will be alright.” – Anonymous

14. “Time flies. Time waits for no man. Time heals all wounds. All of us want more time. Time to stand up. Time to grow up. Time to let go.” – Anonymous

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Time Heals Quotes to Think About

15. “Time heals almost everything. Give time, time.” – Regina Brett

16. “Time will heal this. Give it time and space. Silence is the key to healing all.” – Leinad Nehoc

17. “Only time heals a wounded heart when life’s been cruel.” – Araybia S. L. Williams

18. “Time heals our wounds, relieves the pain, erases fear forever. The tie that binds our hearts above, no time can ever sever.” – A. J. Golden

19. “Time heals our wounds in different ways as it seems fit—although we are never truly prepared for it.” – Linda Stilson

20. “Time heals only if it is invested in pursuing wholeness over brokenness, forgiveness over bitterness.” – Wayne Schmidt

21. “Time heals almost everything. But when you are healed, you are too old to enjoy it.” – Paulo Coelho

22. “Time heals all things but one—time.” – Cynthia Ozick

Time Heals Quotes That’ll Guide You in Life

23. “Time heals all wounds. And if it doesn’t, you name them something other than wounds and agree to let them stay.” – Emma Forrest

24. “Time did heal wounds, but not scars. Never scars.” – Michelle Griep

25. “I wish I could say the right words to soothe your brokenness, but only time heals. And time is healing our world.” – Rhiannon Frater

26. “Time heals wounds because, in time, we stop thinking about what happened to us. The key to forgiving is to stop thinking about what happened to us.” – Sommer Matriangello

27. “Yes, time is the best treatment for your grief, but the truth is you also need to go through the entire process.” – Madeleine Holden

Meaningful Time Heals Quotes That’ll Uplift You

28. “Time helps, and time will heal you. But so will you. You will heal you.” – Julie Bacher

29. “Time has answers to all your questions! So, give it time.” – Somya Kedia

30. “There’s one thing you must believe. Time heals the wounds no one can see.” – Todd Rundgren

31. “And time will heal the hurt in your heart and mind. Strength is our healer, even as love can be blind. Love will be healed in a heart’s own time.” – James A. Boyd

32. “Color your spirit with rainbows and shower gold dust in your hair. Time heals. Life renews. Dreams take flight again. Close your eyes and drink it all in.” – Laurel Burch

33. “Your body is bruised from your many beatings—but these, in time, will heal.” – Stephen Paul Chong

Time Heals Quotes That Will Make You Believe Otherwise

34. “And I’m here to say that time does heal things up—all things, I reckon, but some things—some things leave behind dreadful ugly scars.” – Allie Ray

35. “If time heals all wounds, then why are there so many ticked-off old people walking around?” – Garrison Wynn

36. “I know time doesn’t heal. That’s the silliest idea of all.” – Iris Murdoch

37. “Time they say is a great healer, but in this case, I am not sure that is true.” – Emily Williams

38. “Time heals nothing; it merely rearranges our memory.” – Gary Numan

39. “The worst pain—isn’t the pain you feel at the time; it’s the pain you feel later on when there’s nothing you can do about it. They say that time heals all wounds, but we never live long enough to test that theory.” – Jose Saramago

Time Heals Quotes to Boost Your Faith in God

40. “I will be faithful in my sickness, and God in his own good time will heal me, should it be his will to do so.” – A. A. Allen

41. “Some people believe that time heals all wounds, but in reality, it is God who heals all our wounds. Time will help us to forget our hurts, but God heals the hurts as we move beyond the hurts.” – Steven Butterfield

42. “Be careful not to give too much credence to the old adage that time heals. Mark my words. It’s God that heals. Time only tells.” – Beth Moore

43. “It is not possible to heal people and collect money. That gift is not for sale. When it is time to heal, it is time to give what God has given us.” – T. B. Joshua

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More Time Heals Quotes That You Will Learn From

44. “If time heals all wounds, and a book can hold a person’s entire life, then you can speed up the process with a pulp time warp.” – Deb Caletti

45. “They say that time heals all things, they say you can always forget—but the smiles and the tears across the years they twist my heart strings yet!” – George Orwell

46. “As time heals itself, memories of this adventure will fade, and it will seem as if it never truly happened.” – Kyle Higgins

47. “The difference between the truth and a lie is that both of them can hurt, but only one will take the time to heal you afterward.” – Mira Grant

48. “To heal the past, they say, ‘Time heals all wounds.’ I don’t think it so much as the time, but the new memories we make in time.” – Richard Henry

49. “As you begin, be reminded that just as everyone needs time to heal physically—everyone, including you, needs time to heal emotionally and spiritually.” – David P. Gallagher

50. “Funny how time heals. Like that bullet in my ribs. It’s there, I know it’s there, but I can barely feel it at all anymore.” – Lauren Oliver

Do You Also Believe That Time Will Heal All Your Pain?

When we experience pain, we think we are not strong enough to bear and conquer it. We fall into the trap of thinking that we’ll continue down the path of darkness throughout our lives. But, remember that time will heal everything—even your deepest wounds.

However, there are also people who believe that time will heal nothing. We will learn to move on and move forward with time, but the scars of our wounds will remain.

So, to fully close our wounds and move past the pain, we must go through the entire healing process—albeit it’ll take a lot of time. During this process, we must learn to love ourselves, forgive our past mistakes, and believe that better things will come. As people say, patience is a virtue; in time, all will fall back into place.

Don’t put a time limit on your healing, and be brave enough to endure the entire process. Remember, God only gives us trials that we can handle. When the time comes, those heartbreaks will lead you to your most significant breakthroughs!

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