Scott Pilgrim Quotes

160 Scott Pilgrim Quotes on Love & Humor

These Scott Pilgrim quotes will give you the entertainment you need to brighten up your day. So if you’re looking for a whole lot of humor, then you’re in the right place. Scott Pilgrim is

Xavier Renegade Angel Quotes

110 Xavier: Renegade Angel Quotes on Mystery

These top 110 Xavier: Renegade Angel quotes will give you new perspectives on discovering life’s deepest meaning. Xavier: Renegade Angel is an American series created by John Lee and Vernon Chatman. It follows Xavier, a

Stevie Nicks Quotes

140 Stevie Nicks Quotes on Doing What You Love

We’ve gathered these Stevie Nicks quotes to help you believe in yourself and become the best you can possibly be. Stevie Nicks has been referred to as the queen of rock and roll for generations.

Frank Ocean Quotes

170 Frank Ocean Quotes on Life & Music

We’ve gathered these Frank Ocean quotes to help you find yourself whenever you feel out of place or lost in the world. Frank Ocean is one of the most private people of this generation. He

Tyler The Creator Quotes

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We’ve gathered these Tyler, The Creator quotes to inspire you to appreciate the people who are always there for you. Tyler, The Creator is the most accomplished person you can think of. He has this

Dark Souls Quotes

70 Dark Souls Quotes for Hardcore Gamers

Appreciate one of the best video games of all time through our collection of Dark Souls quotes. Dark Souls is a role-playing action game released in 2011. The game is about collecting your enemies’ souls

Hellraiser Quotes

110 Hellraiser Quotes on Pleasure & Pain

We’ve arranged a list of 110 Hellraiser quotes that will give you a broader sense of pain and pleasure. Hellraiser is a 1987 British horror film. It was written and directed by Clive Barker from

March Quotes

90 March Quotes That Radiate Happiness

If you are aiming to get enlightened and gain some energy, try reading these 100 March quotes that will give you the vibe that you are searching for. We are all looking forward to the

Slytherin Quotes

70 Slytherin Quotes for the Ambitious and Clever

Ready your wands because these Slytherin quotes will bring the darkness out of you! The house of Slytherin is one of the most popular houses from the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Wrongly perceived

Skyrim Quotes

90 Skyrim Quotes on the Game That Never Grows Old

Check out these top 90 Skyrim quotes if you want to relive your immersive open-world RPG experience! One of the most exciting open-world role-playing games of all time is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Since

Little Women Quotes

120 Little Women Quotes That Talk About Feminism

If you want to be a strong, independent woman, this collection of Little Women quotes will help you become someone you never imagined you could be. Little Women is a classic American film based on

Passion Quotes

250 Passion Quotes to Ignite the Fire Inside You

Here are 250 of the most inspiring and motivating passion quotes to help you reach your goals and aspirations in life. For everyone, there always comes a time where we want to dedicate ourselves toward

Haikyuu Quotes

80 Haikyuu Quotes on Volleyball & Teamwork

This collection of Haikyuu quotes will take you into the world of sports and volleyball where thrill and excitement abound. Haikyuu is a Japanese manga series that revolves around the sports game, volleyball. Shoyo Hinata,

James Joyce Quotes

170 James Joyce Quotes on Love, Life, and Death

These top 170 James Joyce quotes will amaze you with his amazing storytelling and character monologues. James Joyce read a lot during his college years. It motivated him to pursue the art of writing and

Gardening Quotes

230 Gardening Quotes That Show the Beauty of Nature

If you want peace and need to connect with nature, this collection of 230 gardening quotes will surely bring you comfort and serenity. Gardening is the process of growing and cultivating different varieties of plants.

Darkest Dungeon Quotes

190 Darkest Dungeon Quotes on Gameplay and Tactics

You better check out these Darkest Dungeon quotes if you want to relive the scenes of your gameplay and the adrenaline rush you had when playing. There are many real-life and virtual lessons embedded in

Tom Hardy Quotes

90 Tom Hardy Quotes On Life, Love, and Respect

If you are hunting for motivation, you better gear your mind with these 90 Tom Hardy quotes! Edward Thomas Hardy is a professional actor who starred in many films like the sci-fi thriller, Inception. His

Velveteen Rabbit Quotes

50 Velveteen Rabbit Quotes on Being Real

We’ve gathered these Velveteen Rabbit quotes for you to know the importance of finding the realness within you. Velveteen Rabbit is a story of a stuffed rabbit who wanted to be real for the sake

Thursday Quotes

160 Thursday Quotes to Plan Your Weekend Nights

Here are the best Thursday quotes that will make you look forward to a relaxing weekend, full of motivation and inspiration to love yourself and be better. You have made it past the stressful days,

Wednesday Quotes

220 Wednesday Quotes to Fasten the Half of Week

A tough day for some, but a great day for everyone; these Wednesday quotes will surely fire your passion with endless spark. Mondays are the roughest, Tuesdays are a challenge, and Wednesdays test our patience

Stacey Abrams Quotes

210 Stacey Abrams Quotes on Dreaming High

Peek into the life of the first African-American female party nominee of the United States through these Stacey Abrams quotes. Stacey Yvonne Abrams achieved her position as a politician, lawyer, activist, and author through her

Hank Hill Quotes

70 Hank Hill Quotes That Show His Wits

If you are having a very boring day, this list of the most hilarious Hank Hill quotes will certainly turn your day around. Hank Hill is the main protagonist in the popular animated sitcom, King

Wednesday Addams Quotes

60 Wednesday Addams Quotes That Show Her Dark Side

If you are a fan of the Addams family, you will surely love their daughter’s unique and strange personality in this collection of Wednesday Addams quotes. Wednesday Addams is an iconic character from the famed