100 Thomas Jefferson Quotes on Liberty and Society

Thomas Jefferson Quotes

Learn more about America and the government through these Thomas Jefferson quotes. As one of the Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson had many accomplishments during his time in office. But, he’s mostly remembered as one of the people who worked hard for their independence from Great Britain. Indeed, his contributions will never be forgotten. History has … Read more

70 Donald Trump Quotes to Make You Laugh & Reflect

Donald Trump

These Donald Trump quotes will have everyone’s mind reeling with all the witty, intelligent, and sometimes ridiculous lines he has to say! There’s a high chance that everyone has already heard of Donald Trump. He’s a well-known businessman and real-estate developer. But perhaps he’s even more famous as the 45th U.S. President, who served from … Read more

150 Theodore Roosevelt Quotes to Educate and Lead You

Theodore Roosevelt Quotes

We’ve gathered a collection of Theodore Roosevelt quotes about courage, hard work, and success. From 1901 to 1909, Theodore Roosevelt Jr. was the 26th President of the United States. One of his advocations was the conservation of natural resources. There’s no doubt that he made a difference in both politics and issues related to the … Read more

160 Thomas Paine Quotes on Rights and Revolution

Thomas Paine Quotes

Enlighten your mind on injustice and oppression with these Thomas Paine quotes. Thomas Paine was a writer and activist who wrote Common Sense and The American Crisis. His works are pamphlets that every revolutionary in the ’70s read.  He was a fearless writer and revolutionary who loved the people—a true militant who fought for freedom … Read more