50 Heat Quotes on Hustling, Non-attachment, and More

Allow these Heat quotes to shed light on navigating life’s different circumstances and challenges.

Heat is an American crime drama movie directed and written by Michael Mann. It tells the story of a master criminal as he plans a big heist with a rogue man in his team.

At the same time, the movie also focuses on a struggling lieutenant’s attempts to catch him while trying to resolve his personal issues.

With its action-packed and intense scenes and sharp-witted lines, Heat received positive reviews from critics.

We’re thrown into an exciting rollercoaster of events as we watch the characters’ lives unfold. But, more than that, many people came to love the movie because of all the lessons it imparted.

Though viewed as a thriller and a drama, Heat is very philosophical and profound. After all, it dives into topics like freedom, choice, willpower, and more.

So, if you’re interested in Heat’s intense and meaningful lines, then these quotes are for you. Don’t miss out on the movie’s best quotes and scroll through to the end.

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Best Heat Quotes

1. “I gotta hold on to my angst. I preserve it because I need it. It keeps me sharp, on the edge, where I gotta be.” – Vincent Hanna

2. “I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore. I know life is short. Whatever time you get is luck. You want to walk? You walk right now. Or on your own—on your own, you choose to come with me. And all I know is—all I know is there’s no point in me going anywhere anymore if it’s going to be alone—without you.” – Neil McCauley

3. “It’s like risk versus reward, baby.” – Charlene Shiherlis

4. “He knew the risks. He didn’t have to be there. It rains—you get wet.” – Neil McCauley

5. “I say what I mean, and I do what I say.” – Vincent Hanna

6. “Where’s your empathy, brother? It’s a substance abuse problem.” – Albert Torena

7. “When these guys walk out the door of whatever score they’re gonna take next, they’re gonna have the surprise of a lifetime.” – Vincent Hanna

8. “A guy told me one time, ‘Don’t let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat around the corner.’ Now, if you’re on me and you gotta move when I move, how do you expect to keep a marriage?” – Neil McCauley

9. Roger Van Zant: “What are you doing?”

Neil McCauley: “What am I doing? I’m talking to an empty telephone.”

Roger Van Zant: “I don’t understand.”

Neil McCauley: “‘Cause there is a dead man on the other end of this f*ckin’ line.”

10. “I have this recurring dream. I’m sitting at this big banquet table: all of the victims of all the murders I’ve ever worked are sitting at this table, and they’re staring at me. They have these black eyeballs because they have eight ball hemorrhages from their head wounds, and there they are, these big balloon people because I found them two weeks after they’ve been found under the bed. The neighbors reported the smell, and there they are: just sitting there.” – Vincent Hanna

Heat Quotes to Uplift You

11. “Ain’t a hard time been invented that I cannot handle.” – Breedan

12. “I’m banged up, but I’ll live.” – Schwartz

13. “Alright. Hey, I’m sorry, man, the last thing I want to do is let you down.” – Danny Trejo

14. Neil McCauley: “I have one where I’m drowning. And I gotta wake myself up and start breathing or I’ll die in my sleep.”

Vincent Hanna: “You know what that’s about?”

Neil McCauley: “Yeah. Having enough time.”

15. Kevin Gage: “You’re lying to me. I can always tell when people lie to me.”

Hooker: “I ain’t lying. You’re a hot dog. A regular rodeo rider. And this was the monster f*ck of my young life.”

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Interesting Heat Quotes to Show the Characters’ Good Side

16. “We want to hurt no one. We’re here for the bank’s money, not your money. Your money is insured by the federal government. You’re not gonna lose a dime. Think of your families, don’t risk your life. Don’t try and be a hero.” – Neil McCauley

17. “Right now I want you to sit on the floor and put your hands on your head, anybody feels sick, anybody got heart trouble, go ahead and lean against the wall.” – Neil McCauley

18. “Don’t move. Sit there. Sit there. Let it bleed.” – Neil McCauley

Heat Quotes That’ll Take You Back to the Movie’s Most Exciting Scenes

19. “Assume they got our phones, assume they got our houses, assume they got us, right here, right now as we sit, everything. Assume it all.” – Neil McCauley

20. “I do what I do best. I take scores. You do what you do best, try to stop guys like me.” – Neil McCauley

21. “The bank is worth the risk. I need it, brother. We should stay and take it down.” – Chris Shiherlis

22. “M.O.? Is that they’re good. Once it escalated into a murder, one beef for all of them after they killed the first two guards, they didn’t hesitate. Pop guard number three because what difference does it make? Why leave a living witness? Drop of a hat, these guys will rock and roll.” – Vincent Hanna

23. “Our problem is taking the bank or split right now, do not go home, do not pack, nothing. 30 secs flat from now we are gone on our separate ways, that’s it.” – Neil McCauley

24. “That’s exactly what they’re gonna do. They’re gonna walk. This is my operation. I have tactical command that supersedes your rank! They will walk away, and you will let them! F*ck!” – Vincent Hanna

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Sweet Heat Quotes for All the Lovers Out There

25. “For me, the sun rises and sets with her, man.” – Chris Shiherlis

26. “I told you, when we hooked up, baby, that you were gonna have to share me with all the bad people and all the ugly events on this planet.” – Vincent Hanna

27. “I’m not going anywhere, understand?” – Vincent Hanna

Heat Quotes to Highlight Justine Hanna’s Bold Personality

28. “You don’t live with me. You live among the remains of dead people. You sift through the detritus, you read the terrain, you search for signs of passing, for the scent of your prey, and then you hunt them down. That’s the only thing you’re committed to. The rest is the mess you leave as you pass through.” – Justine Hanna

29. “I may be stoned on grass and Prozac, but you’ve been walking through our life dead. And now I have to demean myself with Ralph just to get closure with you.” – Justine Hanna

30. “And I bought into that sharing. Because I love you. I love you fat, bald, money, no money, driving a bus—I don’t care. But you have got to be present like a normal guy, some of the time. That’s sharing. This is not sharing. This is leftovers.” – Justine Hanna

31. “You prefer the normal routine. We f*ck, and you lose the power of speech.” – Justine Hanna

Short Heat Quotes That Live in Our Minds Rent-Free

32. “I’m alone, I am not lonely.” – Neil McCauley

33. “It’s like you said. All I am is what I’m going after.” – Vincent Hanna

34. “I told you I’m never going back.” – Neil McCauley

35. “Gimme all you got!” – Vincent Hanna

36. “Well, ya know, for me, the action is the juice.” – Michael Cheritto

37. “I’d like to know what’s behind that grim look on your face.” – Justine Hanna

38. “There are cops all over me like a cheap suit. I can’t dump them.” – Danny Trejo

39. “Take it easy, you heard me. She had a rough ride.” – Ducker

Thrilling Heat Quotes to Prove That the Characters Are Not to Be Messed With

40. “I am double the worst trouble you ever thought of.” – Neil McCauley

41. Neil McCauley: “There’s a flip side to that coin. What if you do got me boxed in, and I gotta put you down? ‘Cause no matter what, you will not get in my way. We’ve been face to face—yeah, But I won’t hesitate. Not for a second.”

Vincent Hanna: “You know, we’re sitting here, you and I, like a couple of regular fellas. You do what you do. I do what I gotta do. Now that we’ve been face to face if I am there and I got to put you away? I won’t like it. But, I’ll tell ya, if it’s between you and some poor b*stard whose wife you’re going to make into a widow, brother, you are gonna go down.”

42. “I’m angry. I’m very angry, Ralph. You know, you can ball my wife if she wants you to. You can lounge around here on her sofa, in her ex-husband’s dead-tech, postmodernist bullshit house if you want to. But you do not get to watch my f*cking television set!” – Vincent Hanna

Sarcastic Heat Quotes That Are Full of Wit

43. “I do for you. You don’t do for me, is that it?” – Vincent Hanna

44. “All right, so what I should do is, uhm, come home and say, ‘Hi Honey, guess what? I walked into this house today where this junkie *sshole just fried his baby in a microwave because it was crying too loud, so let me share that with you.'” – Vincent Hanna

45. “Does this look like gangbangers working the local 7/11 to you? Robbery-Homicide’s taking it.” – Vincent Hanna

46. “You could get killed walking your doggie!” – Vincent Hanna

47. “Who? Who? What are you, a f*cking owl?” – Vincent Hanna

48. “I figure this guy went for that hold-out piece, ankle holster right from here. Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang.” – Mike Bosko

49. “Ferocious, aren’t I? When I think of *sses, a woman’s *ss, something comes out of me.” – Vincent Hanna

50. Vincent Hanna: “So you never wanted a regular type of life?”

Neil McCauley: “What the f*ck is that? Barbeques and ball games?”

How Do You Cope With Life’s Adversities?

Heat accurately portrayed the raw reality of how cruel the world can be through the various characters in the movie. As we move through life, we notice the sad truth of how people can project the same kind of cruelness and hurt.

But, we must remember that not only strangers have that tendency. Our family, friends, and even we can sometimes make the wrong decisions that negatively impact others’ lives.

We all have demons inside us. However, keep in mind that there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel, even with the depressing darkness. Light and dark go hand in hand; these two can co-exist—giving us hope despite our struggles.

One of Heat’s main characters, Vincent Hanna, thought it was the end of the world because of his unending problems. But, he persevered until he reached the end of his tunnel. 

Non-attachment is another thing we can learn from our other main character, Neil McCauley. He lived a life of crime, which is not something to aspire to. However, he knew his priorities and what he should let go of to live his life as carefree as possible.

Life’s challenges will shake us to the core. So, whenever you feel down or defeated, remember to hold on to hope. Hang on tight and trust the process of life!

What did you learn from today’s collection? Have you watched Heat before? Comment below.

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