40 Lil’ Kim Quotes on Being a Sensational Queen Bee

These Lil’ Kim quotes will empower you to embrace your imperfections and take charge of your own life.

Kimberly Denise Jones, best known for her stage name Lil’ Kim, is an American rapper and actress. Since her debut, her albums have sold millions and topped record charts worldwide.

Indeed, her music is so captivating that it empowers every person who listens to her voice. She is an inspiration not only because of her work but how she reached success despite her harrowing experience of living in the streets as a kid. 

So, if you find yourself loving Lil’ Kim’s music and story, then these quotes are for you. Keep reading below and learn more about the Queen of Rap.

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Best Lil’ Kim Quotes

1. “I am definitely the queen. I definitely see myself as the queen.”

2. “I love to reinvent myself, and that’s because I am a very free person. I do what I feel, and I love who I am.”

3. “Take a journey to the realm of the truth.”

4. “Like, I get along with everybody. I respect everybody, but at the same time, I carry myself with an aura that demands respect too.”

5. “The streets made me. They stay at me. There’s nothing that’s going to take away from my legacy. I’m sorry. It is what it is. I’m dying this way. With the crown on my head, nobody can take nothing away from me. It is what it is. I am who I am, bottom line.”

6. “When you are a real artist who is serious about your craft, you love good music. Period.”

7. “Money talks. This is the thing. At the end of the day, I do what I have to do, and I’mma keep doing what I have to do.”

8. “I really want people to understand that nobody is perfect and that things happen in life beyond our control.”

9. “I like to live righteous, and I just want everyone to know I’m not trying to get out of anything.”

10. “It’s always nice to want money and keep doing what you got to do to get it, but do not be greedy.”

Famous Lil’ Kim Quotes

11. “I am blessed to have so many great things in my life—family, friends, and God. All will be in my thoughts daily.”

12. “I’m saying, why spend mine when I can spend yours?”

13. “Life’s a wheel of fortune, and y’all can’t buy a vowel.”

14. “I stay focused in the dopest, like a penny with a hole in it. Y’all just hopeless.”

15. “There are some people who still don’t understand, but I know by the end of my fulfillment, they will.”

16. “I like to be daring, and I like to be different. You think anyone out here looks like me? It’s pretty different, right?”

17. “It seems like everywhere I go, I can’t get real love.”

18. “I’m human. You’re human. So they said, but inside, we’re all animals.”

19. “I think, when you’re great, not everyone’s going to give you your props, and you can’t really worry about that. In my eyes, I’m still climbing. I’m still taking myself to the next levels in my career, and that’s fine with me. When it’s time for my rewards, I will get them.”

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Lil’ Kim Quotes to Reflect On

20. “Imagine for a minute, yourself, in the same shoes, the same sense of survival, and the same nothing to lose.”

21. “I feel money is power in certain senses. A lot of women out there are just giving it away. And then there are the women that are selling their bodies. But they chose to do that. But this is how they make their money. And I don’t see anything wrong with that.”

22. “These devils find a way to get at you. All it takes is some green and your face on the screen.”

23. “Keep your stone sets, I got my own briquets, and I’ll be doing things that you won’t regret.”

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Lil’ Kim Quotes That Narrate the Story of Her Life

24. “Throughout my life, I have always lived with adversity and will continue to have faith and do good for my family, friends, and fans.”

25. “Today begins a new saga in my life which I expect to strengthen me and allow me time for reflection. I plan to write music while in prison, read and pray regularly, and will come out a stronger, more confident woman.”

26. “I’mma make sure the family keeps a decent meal, no matter what I got to do or who I got to kill.”

27. “I think people have a misconception of me, period. My life has been a whirlwind sometimes, but it’s different from what people think. I definitely feel like there’s a misconception about me and who I am.”

28. “I love reinventing my music and myself as well, and that’s something my fans love about me.”

29. “A lot of people let me down. A lot of people I thought were my friends turned on me.”

30. “From being in the industry as a teenager, I’m so used to getting makeup done all day.”

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Short Lil’ Kim Quotes That You Will Never Forget

31. “I’m a girly girl. I’m strong, but I’m very timid. Very dainty.”

32. “The party don’t stop till the casket drop.”

33. “Cruise the diamond district with my biscuit.”

34. “If you’re immature, I’m out the door.”

35. “Only female in my crew and I kick sh*t like a n*gga do, pull the trigger too!”

More Lil’ Kim Quotes for Her Fans

36. “Lil’ Kim, the Queen Bee, so you best take heed. Shall I proceed? Yes, indeed!”

37. “You’s a Lil’ Kim wannabe. You just hate to admit it.”

38. “I am honored and quite proud that a class is being taught on my sensationalist lyrics, unique style and fashion, and leadership role within the hip hop community.”

39. “I like bowling. I suck at it, but I like it. You know what’s so funny? I have days when I’m absolutely great at doing it, and then I have days when I just don’t understand it.”

40. “I love doing things people don’t expect. The fans will be well fed.”

Did These Lil’ Kim Quotes Remind You to Own Yourself and Shine Bright?

Society has always told us to tone down our identities and expressions. Living with this mentality makes some of us live our lives suppressing who we are and trying to be the same as others. In many ways, we are discouraged from finding our true colors and letting them shine in the world.

But, remember that it is empowering for women to embrace their femininity and sensuality; this is something Lil’ Kim proved through her music and actions. She is not scared and unapologetically expresses herself to everyone who listens to her music. By releasing unique albums and singles, she encourages many to do what they want and embrace their true selves.

Hopefully, these quotes were able to motivate you to do what Lil’ Kim does. Be yourself and courageously love who you really are!

Which Lil’ Kim quote is your favorite? Have you listened to all of her songs? Leave a comment below.

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