40 Machine Gun Kelly Quotes on Following Your Dreams

These Machine Gun Kelly quotes are must-reads for everyone who wants to live a more meaningful life.

Machine Gun Kelly, also known as MGK, is an American rapper and artist famous for his unique style of blending alternative and contemporary hip hop with rap.

Even if you don’t know him personally, we’re sure you’ve heard of at least one of his top songs like Bad Things, Bad Boy, At My Best, and more.

Aside from his hit tunes, MGK also teaches us about the importance of living the life of our dreams.

Critics and naysayers surround us, but that doesn’t mean we have to listen to them. Listen to your own voice and do what makes you happy!

Learn more about MGK’s wisdom through this list of Machine Gun Kelly quotes.

Read on and be inspired to live a meaningful life.

Let’s begin.

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Best Machine Gun Kelly Quotes

1. “Whatever you love could be taken away, so live like it’s your dying day.”

2. “Life is too short to live the same day twice. So each new day, make sure you live your life.” 

3. “And if you ever have a dream, don’t be scared to chase that sh*t, man. You can have whatever you want in this life. Don’t let anyone tell you different.”

4. “Don’t ever look down, be comfortable with who you are; our flaws are what make us perfect.”

5. “I owe my life to my own advice; follow your motherfuckin’ dreams until those visions come to life.”

Famous MGK Quotes

6. “I came out of a dying city, brought back life. Everything they said I couldn’t do, I did about twice.”

7. “You can’t see my tears in the rain; underneath it all, we’re just the same.”

8. “When my time’s up on this earth and they bury me in that dirt, don’t say that I ain’t milk this life for everything that it’s worth.”

9. “I don’t think that a lot of people understand that the person who’s crazy enough to think he can change the world actually can.”

10. “I’m walking through the fire because there is no way around.”

Machine Gun Kelly Quotes to Get You Moving

11. “If you ain’t living your life, then you’re dead, and sleep is its cousin, so I shot my bed.”

12. “Toast to the underdog, toast to the team, toast to the fact we are this close to the dream.”

13. “If you ever thought that you won’t make it, soon as it gets hard, you just can’t take it—no matter what you are going through, keep waiting ’cause you gon’ make it. You gon’ make it.”

14. “So take my name, remember this face. Keep the change and have a nice day. And live for the moment, not by the past, homie. Live each day like it’s your last.”

15. “Yeah, and they told me all that glitters ain’t gold. But I really wanna shine right now. And they told me the sky’s the limit, so I wonder if I can fly right now. Yeah, so I spread my wings, jumped up, and lived my dreams.”

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Machine Gun Kelly Quotes That’ll Guide You in Life

16. “Never make permanent decisions on temporary feelings.”

17. “Most people aren’t gonna understand why u did what u did in your journey until they’re at the finish line empty-handed.”

18. “When the universe throws something your way, or things happen, I’m one of those people that goes with it, and I don’t fight it.”

19. “Question, what if tomorrow never comes and everything you said couldn’t be undone?”

20. “What is love, love is pain. Love is butterflies and stomach aches; love is looking out a windowpane. Tears dripping, looking like you’re in the rain, for somebody you don’t even know, but somebody you may never see again.”

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Short Machine Gun Kelly Quotes That You Need to Read Today

21. “Trust is like an eraser. It gets smaller with every mistake.”

22. “There is no VIP. We’re all the same.”

23. “Can’t lose when you got nothing to lose.”

24. “The limit is beyond the sky.”

25. “Heroes are remembered. Legends never die. I ain’t dyin’ any time soon.”

Machine Gun Kelly Quotes to Better Understand Him

26. “As far as I’m concerned, I don’t really care anymore what people think about me. I’m just gonna be me.”

27. “Everything I stood for, forever, since the beginning of time, has been about seeing people as humans. Not as man, woman, white, Hispanic, any of that stuff.”

28. “I had a dream that the world changed, and for a minute, there was no pain.”

29. “I don’t believe in hopping from one social issue to the next to be a part of the movement for a moment. Anything I’m involved in is something that I would die for. I can’t support things that don’t feel genuine.”

30. “I go to sleep when I want to live my real life. ‘Cause waking up doesn’t feel right. So I spend every single moment I’m awoken dreamin’ on.”

Machine Gun Kelly Quotes for a Glimpse Into His Thoughts

31. “A lot of time, my inspiration comes from pain—growing pains, hunger pains, or money pains.”

32. “Down this lonely road, searching further for something more. In this dark world, I’m so alone. Can someone rescue me from my own?”

33. “I’ve become so much more comfortable divulging things I’ve never talked about before, honing in on certain relationships that everyone can relate to.”

34. “When you look a certain way, or you have a certain presence, people take someone else’s word over yours.”

35. “I dedicate this to my teachers that never believed in me and the mother that conceived but ended up leaving me.”

36. “Enjoy things just to enjoy them. Stop thinking so much.”

37. “I just wanna fly so high and escape the real into a world that is all made up.”

Machine Gun Kelly Quotes That All His Fans Will Love

38. “As my world turns, the heart beats; not only in my chest but the heart of the streets.”

39. “Follow in my steps, then you walkin’ a green mile. Trees in my pockets, like my denim, a greenhouse.”

40. “Look, this love’s killing me literally. Every time I start to pick you up, you finish me. Used to love waking up in the mornings and feeling you. Now I’m just ashamed, wearin’ long sleeves concealing you.”

Did These Quotes Serve as Eye-Openers to the Importance of Living Life the Way You Want To?

Often, we overthink our plans and goals. We think about how hard it will be to get to the top, and, in worst-case scenarios, we think about whether we deserve happiness or not. But, as Machine Gun Kelly wisely said, “Enjoy things just to enjoy them. Stop thinking so much.”

These two sentences capture the essence of the lessons we can learn from MGK. Life is full of wonder, but it is often overflowing with questions and uncertainties too. We can’t let these thoughts hold us down and keep us prisoner.

Instead, we should just appreciate everything—the good and the bad, the big and the small. We set ourselves up for success and happiness with this kind of mindset. This is because we live life with gratitude; we enjoy each day to the fullest like it’s our last day on the planet.

Like Machine Gun Kelly, let go of your inhibitions and just chase your dreams! Do what makes you happy—what makes you thrive as a person. With this kind of game plan, you will never lose and never take life for granted.

So, whenever you feel confused about the next steps you should take, reread this list of Machine Gun Kelly quotes. Stop thinking too much and just go with the flow!

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