130 Megan Thee Stallion Quotes to Boost Your Confidence

These Megan Thee Stallion quotes will help you develop your self-esteem to achieve success in life.

Megan Thee Stallion is an American rapper, musician, and lyricist.

She rose to prominence after videos of her freestyle became popular on social media platforms such as Instagram.

Millions of fans and supporters adore her empowering words and lyrics.

So, whether you’re a fan or someone who just wants to be inspired and motivated, make sure you browse our collection below!

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Best Megan Thee Stallion Quotes

1. “Once you really know yourself, can’t nobody tell you nothing about you.”

2. “I’m just a real person, not a caricature.”

3. “Confidence literally starts from yourself. You have to go look in the mirror at yourself. If you don’t like what you see, you’re going to give off that energy.”

4. “I feel like, when people realize that they are the only person they need to impress, everybody’s life will be a lot smoother.”

5. “Not every day is a good day for me.”

6. “Powerful women who have agency over their bodies aren’t something to look down on.”

7. “I’m always trying to one-up myself.”

8. “Everybody got their own swag.”

9. “I love seeing women do what they do.”

10. “I’m lookin’ paid and pretty.”

11. “I have over a hundred wigs, I like to change them damn near every hour.”

12. “She thinks she bad but I’m better.”

13. “If you’ve got love for me, then I’m gonna have love for you, period.”

14. “You can keep hating, I’m poppin’ regardless.”

15. “I was raised by a woman who was her true and authentic self. So, I feel like it’s very important to put on for people who aren’t that confident or people who don’t realize the value in self-love.”

Inspirational Megan Thee Stallion Quotes

16. “I just want to be like a good example to somebody in the future.”

17. “Sometimes, when you’re doing too much, things get overwhelming. So, I just have to calm myself down and think, ‘What would my mama want me to do?’”

18. “I want to show other girls how happy I am and how confident I am, how I still want to go to school and I still want to rap.”

19. “My mom is a very strong woman, very tough lady.”

20. “We gotta break these double standards and get women to loosen up a bit. We gotta show them that we can do what we want to do how we want to do it. If someone doesn’t like it, they can get to stepping.”

21. “It’s not just about being sexy, it’s about being confident and me being confident in my sexuality.”

22. “I really like how the characters always have to go through some type of long journey that’s like a crazy struggle. And these anime shows give women power. She’s always the queen or somebody that you cannot beat—I love that.”

23. “I don’t feel like I’m in competition with anybody. If I’m worried about beating somebody else, I’m not going to be the best version of myself. It shouldn’t be a competition because somebody else winning is not going to make me lose.”

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Megan Thee Stallion Quotes About Dating and Relationships

24. “Yeah I’m in my bag but I’m in his too. That’s why every time you see me, I get some new shoes.”

25. “He probably thinkin’ I’m in pain, but I’m really on game.”

26. “Even if I brought him to you, still couldn’t get your boo back.”

27. “We never show up together. But I text him when I’m ready to go.”

28. “You know you can’t control me, baby, you need a real one in your life.”

29. “Handle me? Who gon’ handle me? Thinking he’s a player? He’s a member on the team.”

30. “He say he feel intimidated when he talk to me. Got that hardcore but he want that R&B.”

Megan Thee Stallion Quotes on Being a Rapper

31. “Being a rapper and still trying to pursue an education is really overwhelming sometimes.”

32. “My mom is the first female rapper I’ve ever known. I’m thinking, like, ‘Okay, yeah, this is normal. Everybody’s doing this.’”

33. “I love being a female rapper and embracing my sexuality.”

34. “When you go to college you can just be whoever you wanna be. So, I got there and I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’ma rapper.’”

35. “I knew I wanted to be a rapper when I was, like, five.”

36. “A lot of people’s favorite rappers will literally get in the booth and just make sounds.”

37. “My mom was a rapper. I would go to the studio with her, and that definitely showed me I can do this, I wanna do this.”

38. “I hate that people have made the term SoundCloud rapper into a bad thing because a lot of artists are underground and they don’t have a way to put their music on.”

39. “Girls, we have to go 10 times harder than guys. We are still expected to give you the bars, give you the look, give you the routine. This is me—I wanna be a rapper, this is it.”

Empowering Megan Stallion Quotes That Push Strong Women Forward

40. “Us boss chicks have to continue to stick together and change the game.”

41. “A man could come in the room with his hair not cut, not done, pants around his ankles and people still gon’ be like, ‘Oh, that’s his style. It’s cool.’ Being a woman, you have to be on your P’s and Q’s at all times, because not only do you have to keep up your appearance for men, but other women judge you so hard.”

42. “You don’t have a lot of women doing things for women, so when I’m rapping I gotta talk all this mess so the women can feel as confident and empowered as the men.”

43. “Women make the world go round.”

44. “Growing up listening to these men and how powerful and confident they seemed, I just thought, ‘Oh my God.’ This would sound really good if a girl was saying all this.”

45. “To be a hottie you gotta have a lot of self-love, a lot of confidence, you gotta be able to put your foot down. Hotties are supposed to turn other people into Hotties too. If you see someone that’s not quite confident, you gotta be the hottie to gas up your friend.”

Insightful Megan Thee Stallion Quotes to Build Your Confidence

46. “That’s what I feel like my music represents—having no limits or restrictions.”

47. “The main goal of my music is to make people feel strong and confident.”

48. “I know that I’m a mess sometimes, and it’s okay to be a mess. It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to scream. It’s okay to be angry.”

49. “I was an only child so, at home, I’m turned up by myself, doing whatever I wanna do.”

Megan Thee Stallion Quotes That Show Her Personality

50. “They wanna know ‘bout me. They say, ‘Tell me your story.’ Only thing you need to know is I’m in love with the money.”

51. “I’ve been like this forever. I’m sweeter, probably, but me and my homegirls were a little buck wild, ya know? And it only got worse.”

52. “I’m not a character, so how I rap is just an everyday thing.”

53. “I think I’m a superstar.”

54. “I’m a pretty open person, and very little can embarrass me.”

55. “Before I do anything, I practice it for a while, and then when I know it’s the bomb, then I’m gonna present it to everybody.”

56. “Honestly, I’m not going to lie. I was a good kid.”

57. “How I am in the booth, how I am when I meet you, that’s how I am in general.”

58. “I’m not a fake person.”

59. “I’ve been writing since I was maybe seven.”

60. “My momma wasn’t a weak person and she wasn’t a complainer. So, I don’t wanna be like that.”

Megan Thee Stallion Quotes on Her Career and Music

61. “I feel like boys listen to my music. They just don’t like to admit it, but I go hard. But yeah, I feel like I go really hard, so why not listen to me? Anybody could relate to my music, honestly.”

62. “I rock shows by myself. Ain’t no backup. Ain’t no help.”

63. “When you being real you ain’t worried ‘bout who fake.”

64. “I don’t really feel like I done made it all the way. I feel like, ‘Okay, we did this. Then, we grinded enough to get to this point. Now, we gotta grind enough to get bigger and bigger,’ you know?”

65. “The first time I ever put on a cowboy hat for a video a lot of people on my team was like, ‘Are you sure? You know, we don’t want people we think we country.’ I’m like, ‘It’s cute! I don’t care what people think.’”

66. “You find out about me because of my music, and that’s how I want to keep it.”

67. “A lot of us are doing music but we not saying the same thing, we not saying it the same way, the delivery is so different.”

68. “I wanna work with my girl Maliibu Miitch. I love Maliibu. I definitely wanna work with Beyonce, Rihanna. I’m a huge fan of Rihanna and Beyonce, so that’s like my dream collab.”

69. “My mom was a rapper and she really shaped me as a woman, and the music that she was letting me listen to as a child really pushed me in the direction that I’m going in right now.”

70. “My music is me letting the world know how confident I am in myself, and me basically telling other women, and guys, how confident and how comfortable I believe they should be.”

Megan Thee Stallion Quotes About Her Hometown

71. “Houston is a place where you have to be the best. Everybody gotta be flashy, flashy. It’s not like a gaudy thing, but people definitely put on their best dressed even if they go into Wal-Mart.”

72. “I’m going to always have a home in Houston, I’m going to always come back.”

73. “I don’t hate anything about Texas. I love my state. I love my area. It’s like home.”

74. “I feel like I have to put on for my city because we have so many legends and so many greats.”

75. “Just to know that the people in my city are really rocking with me, I just love it.”

76. “I definitely wanna open up some assisted-living facilities around my city.”

Interesting Megan Thee Stallion Quotes

77. “When I was little, I wanted to be a plastic surgeon.”

78. “Shout out to them girls who go where the money go.”

79. “When I was first coming out, I was definitely getting a lot of comparisons to Trina.”

80. “Because when I need money, I ain’t tryna, hold up.”

81. “If my heart broke, it’s nothin’ that my jeweler won’t fix.”

82. “I don’t feel like my sound is similar to any female artist that’s out right now, so I definitely feel like we just need some Texas flavor.”

83. “I love beauty supply lip gloss. Any cheap, 99-cent lip gloss. I use it, it stays on all day. You can eat anything and it will still be on your lips. You can drink anything, it’s still on there.”

84. “Since you wanna test them waters, might as well jump in with both feet.”

Aggressive Megan Thee Stallion Quotes to Get Your Heart Pumping

85. “I can’t read your mind, gotta say that sh*t.”

85. “I’ll knock the sh*t out of that b*tch like an enema.”

87. “B*tch! I’m from Texas!”

88. “Put my feet up on the bed, ride it to the tip-top. He likes it doggy style ’cause I make that *ss pop. He never finna leave me ’cause I got that drop drop. Said this last b*tch still f*ck*n’ like a robot.”

89. “I drop a picture, now these b*tch*s feel attacked.”

90. “Lie one more time and Ima quit sparing you.”

Quotes and Song Lyrics From Megan Thee Stallion

91. “Any hoe got beef from years ago is beefing by herself.”

92. “I ain’t even save your number. So no, I can’t reply to no text.”

93. “I got a man, I got a b*tch, I’m a banana they gotta split.”

94. “Saucy like a barbecue but you won’t get your baby back.”

95. “Pull up in a Rolls Royce, finna rock a show, clique full of bad friends. We at Pappadeaux’s Rent due, finna let your baby daddy know.”

96. “Mandatory that I get the head but no guarantees on the penetration. I be texting with a bi chick we both freaky just tryin’ sh*t.”

97. “Nine times out of ten, I’m the realest b*tch you know. If you ain’t want a pimp, then what you f*ck*n’ with me for.”

98. “Got an ex that’s on his homeboy IG tryna stalk me out. Got an ex that miss it so bad, probably praying for me now.”

99. “The girls in the hood are always hard.”

100. “I’m a rich n*gg* magnet, pretty with a fatty 30-inch weave with the long eyelashes.”

Megan Thee Stallion Quotes All Fans Can Use as a Perfect Instagram Caption

101. “Hair long, nail long, money long, too.”

102. “I keep it realer than real.”

103. “You know I’m the hottest, you ain’t ever gotta heat me up.”

104. “Keep it cool, but I’m dramatic.”

105. “The category is body, look at the way it’s sittin’.”

106. “Do what I say or go get a new b*tch.”

107. “Straight to the top you cannot reach me .“

108. “If you ain’t talking numbers, I’ma holla at you later.”

109. “I’m not the one to play with like a touch-me-not, ah.”

110. “If you leave me and you see me, better act like you don’t know me.”

Megan Thee Stallion Quotes to Keep You Interested

111. “You could check the throwback pics, I been that b*tch.”

112. “Yes, I got a man if I don’t like who askin’ I don’t stand outside ’cause I’m too outstanding.”

113. “Bet if he ever hit this pussy, he gon’ still stalk me.”

114. “I felt like my mixtapes were me flirting with my fans.”

115. “Men are objects to me.”

116. “I definitely feel like people in the South are a little more raw. Our whole swag, the way we talk. When I go to the East Coast, people automatically know I’m not from there.”

117. “We gon’ be a household name!”

118. “There were so many different labels coming to me and they just didn’t seem right, but 300—they wanted me bad. It felt like a family.”

119. “I didn’t tell anybody that I wanted to rap when I was in high school.”

120. “Being an XXL Freshman means that I actually grinded a lot to get here.”

More Megan Thee Stallion Quotes

121. “I like movies that make you semi fall in love with the villain so you have sympathy for him.”

122. “I’m a savage, classy, bougie, ratchet, sassy, moody, nasty.”

123. “F*ck all the critics and f*ck how they feel.”

124. “Acting stupid, what’s happening?”

125. “B*tch, I mind my business, I ain’t in it, ho don’t come for me.”

126. “Baby, we a team and you match me like a theme.”

127. “What I say is how I feel.”

128. “Everything you ever told me could have been a lie. We may never have been in love.”

129. “I’m that b*tch, been that b*tch, still that b*tch, will forever be that b*tch.”

130. “Who’s gonna worry ’bout me when I’m hurtin’?”

Did Megan Thee Stallion Quotes Make You Feel Empowered?

Megan released her first mixtape in 2016, but she already had a large fan base. Rising from humble beginnings, she is now performing alongside musical superstars.

She received many awards throughout her career. In 2020, Time magazine named her one of the world’s 100 most influential people.

Aside from that, she is also a Black women’s rights activist. She speaks out about violence against women and the sexism of female rappers in the rap community.

This Houston gal teaches women how to love their bodies, take charge of their lives, and own their sexualities. Take your confidence to the next level! We hope you were able to take away some insightful lessons from this collection.

Have you ever listened to any of her music before? Which quotes are your favorites? Please, leave a comment below.

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