60 Ready Player One Quotes on Reality, Identity, and More

This collection of our favorite Ready Player One quotes will allow you to go beyond the limits of your imagination.

Ready Player One is a sci-fi movie based on Ernest Cline’s novel of the same title.

Cline’s incredible imagination, coupled with Steven Spielberg’s fantastic direction, led to the movie’s many awards and nominations.

The movie follows the story of Wade Watts, an orphaned teenager who plays a virtual simulation game called OASIS in an attempt to escape reality.

He and his friends conquered the game and topped the global scoreboard gaining the title, High Five.

From its amazing special effects up to its brilliant storyline, this movie will have you hooked until the end.

So, if you’re a fan and want to know more about the adventures of the High Five, make sure you read the complete list below!

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Best Ready Player One Quotes

1. “This is the OASIS. It’s a place where the limits of reality are your own imagination. You can do anything, go anywhere. ” – Wade Watts

2. “No man is a failure who has friends.” – I-R0k

3. “These days, reality is a bummer. Everyone is looking for a way to escape.” – Wade Watts

4. “Why can’t we go backward—for once? Backward, really fast. Fast as we can.” – James Halliday

5. “I created the OASIS because I never felt at home in the real world. I just didn’t know how to connect with people there. I was afraid for all my life, right up until the day I knew my life was ending.” – James Halliday

6. “People come to the OASIS for all the things they can do, but they stay because of all the things they can be. It’s the only place that feels like I mean anything.” – Wade Watts

7. ” I just came here to escape, but I found something much bigger than myself. I found my friends. I found love! And now people have lost their lives.” – Wade Watts

8. “The contest has got to be connecting with someone, connecting to the world.” – Samantha Cook

Ready Player One Wade Quotes

9. “It’s not about winning, it’s about playing.” – Wade Watts

10. “Like many of you I only came to escape, but I found something much bigger than just myself. Are you willing to fight? Help us save the OASIS.” – Wade Watts

11. “We closed the OASIS on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I know it sounds like a weird move, but people need to spend more time in the real world. ‘Cause, like Halliday said, reality is the only thing that’s real.” – Wade Watts

12. “A gifted human player could always triumph over the game’s AI because the software couldn’t improvise.” – Wade Watts

13. “Everyone my age remembers where they were and what they were doing when they first heard about the contest.” – Wade Watts

14. “A creator who hates his own creation. A hidden key: a leap not taken. Retrace your steps, escape your past. And the key of Jade will be yours at last.” – Wade Watts

15. “The High Five took over the OASIS, and the first thing we did was sign Ogden Morrow to a non-exclusive consultancy.” – Wade Watts

16. “Since most people spend most of their time in the OASIS, losing your shit means, well, losing your shit.” – Wade Watts

17. “I say we split up. We get all the keys and then we meet back at the Torrances’ apartment.” – Wade Watts

18. “I’m here talking to all of you now because your future’s being threatened.” – Wade Watts

19. “I no longer cared that we were supposed to be rivals.” – Wade Watts

20. “Logging into a chat room was a little like being in two places at once.” – Wade Watts

21. “Growing up as a human being on the planet Earth in the 21st century was a real kick in the teeth. Existentially speaking.” – Wade Watts

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Ready Player One Halliday Quotes

22. “Let the hunt for Halliday’s Easter begin.” – James Halliday

23. “In the form of my avatar, Anorak the all-knowing, I created three keys. Three hidden challenges test for worthy traits revealing three hidden keys to three magic gates. ” – James Halliday

24. “The first person to find the egg I’ve hidden somewhere inside the OASIS will inherit my stock in Gregarious Games, currently valued in excess of half a million dollars—.” – James Halliday

25. “The keys aren’t just laying around under a rock somewhere. I suppose you could say they’re invisible, hidden in a dark room that’s at the center of a maze, that’s located somewhere up here.” – James Halliday

26. “Maybe we should stop talking about it and start showing it. If you all want to reach under your seats, you’ll find there’s nothing there.” – James Halliday

Iconic Ready Player One Quotes to Remember

27. “Welcome to the rebellion, Wade.” – Samantha Cook

28. “This isn’t just a game. I’m talking about actual life and death stuff.” – Samantha Cook

29. Wade Watts: “First to the key!”

Helen Harris: “First to the egg!”

30. ″‘Competition brings out the best in me.‘” – Samantha Cook

31. “You’ll forgive me for this, I promise.” – Samantha Cook

32. “What? Do I have to wear a sign saying, ‘I am 11 years old, shoot me first?’ No, thanks.” – Zhou

33. “Get ready for the feel, the real of real. X1. No pain, no gain.” – Announcer

34. “You don’t tell anyone who you are. You can’t use your real name.” – Samantha Cook

35. “Who is this ‘Parzival’ and how the hell is he winning?” – IOI Board Member

36. “Okay mister dead guy, cool if I lead?” – Samantha Cook

37. ″‘No one ever looks anything like their avatar.‘” – Samantha Cook

38. ″‘It’s not about the money. It’s about what I could do with it.‘” – Samantha Cook

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Ready Player One Movie Quotes

39. “She wanted to go dancing, so we watched a movie.” – James Halliday

40. Helen Harris: “I’ve never seen The Shining. Is it really Scary?”

Zhou: “Uh—I had to watch it—through my fingers.”

41. Helen Harris: “She could be a dude too, dude.”

Wade Watts: “Nah, come on.”

Helen Harris: “I’m serious. She could actually be a 300-pound dude who lives in his momma’s basement in suburban Detroit. And her name is Chuck.”

42. Wade Watts: “Some people can read War and Peace and come away thinking it’s a simple adventure story—.”

Samantha Cook: “Others can read the ingredients on a chewing gum wrapper and unlock the secrets of the universe.”

43. Samantha Cook: “Oh, ’cause you’re Parzival? As in the knight who found the Holy Grail by himself.”

Wade Watts: “What about you, Art3mis, Goddess of the hunt? Clans must be killing to sign you up. “

44. Wade Watts: “Aech, Art3mis gets me. She’ll get my outfit, there’s just this connection. I mean, sometimes, we even—.”

Helen Harris: “Finish each other’s sentences.”

Wade Watts: “Yeah!”

45. Wade Watts: “Sho?”

Zhou: “Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m 11, so what?”

Toshiro Yoshiaki: “His real name is Zhou.”

Zhou: “But everyone else calls me Sho, no big deal.”

Wade Watts: “No. It is a big deal. Sho, you’re the world’s most badass 11-year-old ever.”

Toshiro Yoshiaki: “He knows.”

Zhou: “Shut up! Let him tell me.”

46. Samantha Cook: “Get outta town. Buckaroo Banzai!”

Wade Watts: “Huh?”

Samantha Cook: “I like it! I like Buckaroo Banzai!”

Wade Watts: “Oh thanks!”

Samantha Cook: “It’s great!”

47. “Halliday’s contest is vitally important. I mean, it’s nothing less than a war for control of the future. But this Parzival? He’s not even clanned up. He’s alone. We have an army.” – Nolan Sorrento

48. Wade Watts: “I gotta go to the back.”

Helen Harris: “Ugh. So you can skim coins from crashed cars? That’s just sad, man!”

Wade Watts: “Fuel’s low.”

Helen Harris: “Oh, but you still had enough to pay for that Something About Mary hairdo.”

49. Wade Watts: “No, not the bike! Forget the bike! The girl, I think it’s Art3mis!”

Helen Harris: “The Art3mis? The sixer fixer?”

Wade Watts: “I’ve seen all her walk-throughs, her Twitch streams.”

Ready Player One Book Quotes

50. “No one in the world gets what they want and that is beautiful.” – Ernest Cline, Author

51. “You don’t live in the real world, Z. From what you’ve told me, I don’t think you ever have. You’re like me. You live inside this illusion.” – Ernest Cline, Author

52. “I was afraid, for all my life. Right up until I knew it was ending. That was when I realized, as terrifying and painful as reality can be, it’s also the only place where you can find true happiness. – Ernest Cline, Author

53. “Being human totally sucks most of the time. Videogames are the only thing that makes life bearable.” – Ernest Cline, Author

54. “For a bunch of hairless apes, we’ve actually managed to invent some pretty incredible things.” – Ernest Cline, Author

55. “Anonymity was one of the major perks of the OASIS.” – Ernest Cline, Author

56. “Whenever I saw the sun, I reminded myself that I was looking at a star.” – Ernest Cline, Author

57. “One person can keep a secret, but not two.” – Ernest Cline, Author

58. “You’d be amazed how much research you can get done when you have no life whatsoever.” – Ernest Cline, Author

59. “Three hidden keys open three secret gates. Wherein the errant will be tested for worthy traits. And those with the skill to survive these straits. Will reach the end where the prize awaits.” – Ernest Cline, Author

60. “I felt like a kid standing in the world’s greatest video arcade without any quarters, unable to do anything but walk around and watch the other kids play.” – Ernest Cline, Author

Did Ready Player One Teach You the Ups and Downs of Technology?

Playing virtual reality simulation games is an excellent way to escape the world and get a chance to create your ideal character. Like our favorite characters in Ready Player One, many teenagers are into these forms of media and entertainment. But, as they say, too much of anything can’t be good, which is precisely what the characters realized.

In recent years, technology has been taking over the world. Yes, they can make our lives easier and things more convenient. However, we tend to get consumed by these gadgets—in the end, isolating ourselves from the real world.

We get so caught up in social media, our games, and different videos that we just disconnect from the people around us. What’s worse is that we try to relive what we see online—even though some of those influences may not be good.

Ready Player One shows us that to have a happy life, we need to learn how to balance both our virtual and real-life activities. It is true that technological gadgets are beneficial, but don’t let them make you their prisoner. With that, we hope that Ready Player One was able to teach you a thing or two to make your life better—with or without gadgets.

Which of these quotes is your favorite? Have you watched the movie or read the book? Please, leave a comment below.

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