50 Stitch Quotes From the Cutest & Fluffiest Alien Ever

There’s no better way to start your day than through this list of the most iconic and funniest Stitch quotes!

Stitch is one of the title characters of our favorite childhood movie, Lilo & Stitch.

With its one-of-a-kind storyline, great music, and unforgettable scenes, it’s no surprise that we were given a sequel and a TV series too.

Without a doubt, Stitch—also known as Experiment 626—was a big part of the franchise’s success.

He might be designed to be a vicious and devious destruction machine.

But, because he lived with Lilo and Nani, Stitch learned about kindness, love, and the importance of family.

It is through being part of their family that he gained many new friends and experiences that he will carry for a lifetime.

His antics will make you laugh and giggle, but Stitch also teaches us the essence of changing for the better.

So, if you also want to learn from our favorite blue alien, make sure you don’t miss out on this list!

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Best Stitch Quotes

1. “This is my family. I found it, all on my own. It’s little, and broken, but still good. Yeah. Still good.” – Stitch

2. Gantu: “Ah! You’re vile; you’re foul; you’re flawed!”

Stitch: “Also cute and fluffy!”

3. Nani: “Okay, talk. I know you had something to do with this. Now, where is Lilo? Talk! I know you can.”

Stitch: “Okay, okay. Where’s Lilo?”

4. “My name, Stitch.” – Stitch

Inspiring Stitch Quotes

5. Nani: “No! What did you say?”

Stitch: “Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind. Or forgotten. Yeah.”

6. Lilo: “You came back.”

Stitch: “Nobody gets left behind.”

7. Stitch: “Waiting.”

Jumba: “For what?”

Stitch: “Family.”

Deep Stitch Quotes

8. “Does Stitch have to go in the ship?” – Stitch

9. “Lost. I’m lost.” – Stitch

10. “Can Stitch say goodbye?” – Stitch

11. Jumba: “Ah! You don’t have one. I made you.”

Stitch: “Oh. Maybe I could—.”

Jumba: “You’re built to destroy. You can never belong.”

12. Lilo: “Don’t leave me, okay?”

Stitch: “Okay.”

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Funny Stitch Quotes

13. “Stitch not bad. Stitch fluffy!” – Stitch

14. “Oh good! My dog found the chainsaw!” – Stitch

15. “Uh-oh. Badness coming on.” – Stitch

16. Stitch: “Err, Merry Christmas!”

Jumba: “It’s not Christmas!”

Stitch: “Happy Hanukah!”

17. Jumba: “You shouldn’t play with guns.”

Stitch: “Oh, okay.”

18. Jumba: “One potato!”

Stitch: “Two potato!”

Jumba: “Three potato!”

Stitch: “Four!”

Jumba: “Five potato!”

Stitch: “Six potato!”

Jumba: “Seven potato, more!”

Stitch: “My—.”

Jumba: “Mother—.”

Stitch: “Told—.”

Jumba: “Me—.”

Stitch: “You—.”

Jumba: “Are—.”

Stitch: “It.”

Jumba: “Ha! I win!”

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Stitch Quotes and One-Liners

19. “Aloha.” – Stitch

20. “I like fluffy!” – Stitch

21. “No punch back!” – Stitch

22. “Blue punch buggy!” – Stitch

23. “Oh, ahh. Haaaiii.” – Stitch

24. “Eeeeeek! Save me!” – Stitch

25. “Meega naga chita coota.” – Stitch

26. “Meega nala kweesta!” – Stitch

Quotes About Stitch From Your Favorite Lilo & Stitch Characters

27. “You know, you wreck everything you touch. Why not try and make something for a change?” – Lilo

28. “This is you, and this is your badness level. It is unusually high for someone your size.” – Lilo

29. “You are my ohana, Stitch. And I’ll always love you.” – Lilo

30. “I know, Stitch is the best. I wouldn’t trade him for anything or anybody.” – Lilo

31. “If you want to leave, you can. I’ll remember you though. I remember everyone that leaves.” – Lilo

32. “I got a new dog. His name is Stitch.” – Lilo

33. “Stitch, for one. He’s a royal pain, but he’s loyal, and he’d never ever ever do anything that would hurt you. That’s a true friend.” – Nani

34. “I think it might be a koala—an evil koala. I can’t even pet it, it keeps staring at me like it’s gonna eat me.” – Nani

35. “Stitch is troubled. He needs desserts.” – Lilo

36. “Look at him, Lilo. He’s obviously mutated from something else! We have to take it back!” – Nani

37. “Hey! Three days ago, I bought Stitch at the shelter. I paid two dollars for him. See this stamp? I own him. If you take him, you’re stealing.” – Lilo

38. “I’ll put you back together again, I’ll make you taller—and not so fluffy!” – Jumba

39. Gantu: “What is that monstrosity?”

Jumba: “Monstrosity? What you see before you is the first of a new species. I call it Experiment 626. It is fire-proof, bullet-proof, and can think faster than a supercomputer. It can see in the dark, and lift objects 3,000 times its size. It’s only instinct—to destroy everything it touches!”

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Stitch Quotes for Those Who Enjoyed the Series

40. Lilo: “Maybe it’s what he was trying to tell us about Yin and Yang—two very different things come together to make one good thing. Like peanut butter and jelly. Or doughnuts and mustard.”

Stitch: “Stitch and Lilo?”

Lilo: “Yeah.”

41. Lilo: “Stitch? Is that you?”

Stitch: “Lilo?”

Lilo: “I know you’re mad at me, ’cause I was too busy with my show to pay attention to you. You aren’t really going to Vegas, are you? You’ll never see your ohana again.”

Stitch: “Circus means family, and family means Stitch does not get left behind!”

Lilo: “I never meant to leave you behind.”

42. Lilo: “Okay. How about this? If you come down and get your shots, you can have coconut cake for breakfast?”

Stitch: “Coconut cake and coffee?”

Lilo: “Deal!”

43. Stitch: “Stitch good?”

Lilo: “Very good!”

44. Lilo: “Stitch! What happened to Angel? Bet you had to use your super strength to do her in!”

Stitch: “Naga. Angel save Stitch.”

Lilo: “No kidding?”

Stitch: “Gotta believe in love!”

More Stitch Quotes From Your Favorite Episodes in the Series

45. “Hissing green eyes! Hissing green eyes! Hissing green eyes!” – Stitch

46. “Stitch not bad! Was scary dolly!” – Stitch

47. “Small person, big voice.” – Stitch

48. “Nani buys games and pizza!” – Stitch

49. “Aloha, neat freak.” – Stitch

50. “Oh, trouble coming.” – Stitch

What About Stitch Do You Admire the Most?

Out of all our beloved childhood characters, Stitch might just be one of the most iconic. His blue and fluffy fur, distinct voice, and wide eyes are things we can’t get out of our heads. He may spout some unintelligible words at times, but he has wise wisdom to share, too!

As an alien designed for destruction, Stitch was filled with anger and distrust when he first landed on our planet. But, with the help and nurturing of Lilo and Nani, he learned how to become a true family member and friend to humans. Stitch found a place—a family—where he belonged and where he was loved for who he is.

He is indeed a fluffball that makes us laugh, but he also taught us some valuable lessons we can all learn from. It’s been many years since the movies and the TV series, but Stitch, Lilo, and the rest of the characters still hold a special place in our hearts.

With that, we hope these Stitch quotes brought some sunshine, laughter, and lessons to your day. Feel free to scroll through the collection again when you miss Experiment 626 and the rest of the gang!

Which Stitch quote made you laugh the most? What else did you learn from him? Comment below.

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