40+ Best 50 First Dates Movie Quotes

Fall in love and laugh with these 50 First Dates quotes that are oozing with sweetness and comical relief. 

50 First Dates is a romantic comedy movie that tells a not-so-typical boy-meets-girl love story. In the plot, Henry, a certified lady’s man, finally meets his dream girl, Lucy, and she has feelings for him too! You might say, “Wow, what a perfect love story,” but no. 

A car accident caused damage to Lucy’s brain. She has Goldfield Syndrome, which keeps her from retaining any new memories. Her condition and Henry’s fear of commitment could’ve been the perfect excuse to cut the cord of their relationship, but their love for each other was stronger than that.

No matter how complicated, their relationship is an inspiration to all of us struggling to continue with life and love.

So, to give you a feel-good reading session, we’ve compiled some quotes that will restore your faith in true love!

Let’s start reading here.

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Best 50 First Dates Quotes

1. “Appreciate your time. Not everybody would have stopped like you. You’re real sweet.” – Henry

2. “Well, when you guys tell her, she’s not just finding out about the accident. She’s finding out that her life is basically a setup. I think that’s what freaks her out the most.” – Henry

3. Henry: “Can I ask you guys something? What’s gonna happen down the line? Someday she’s gonna wake up and look in the mirror and notice her face’s aged 10 years overnight.” 

Marlin: “You know something, Henry? I worry about that every day of my damn life.”

4. Sue: “Lucy is a very special person. Very different from other people. About a year ago, Lucy was in a terrible car accident. She and her father went up North Shore to get a pineapple. Her father broke some ribs, but Lucy suffered a serious head injury. She lost her short-term memory.”

Henry: “So she can’t remember anything?”

Sue: “No, no, no. She has all of her long-term memory. That’s a different part of the brain.

Her whole life, up to the night before the accident, she remembers. She just can’t retain any new information. It’s like her slate gets wiped clean every night while she sleeps.”

5. Henry: “I think she’s a local girl. I wanted to go up to her but I was kind of off my game. But man, was she cute, though.”

Alexa: “I thought you liked your bitches from out of state.”

Henry: “Yeah, that’s usually my policy. Make sure I don’t get tied down.”

Alexa: “Sounds to me like someone is afraid of commitment.”

6. Lucy: “Do you love me?

Henry: “Wow—well, love is a very loaded word. I go to this restaurant every morning, and I see you there, reading. And—I love you very much. Probably more than anybody could love another person.”

50 First Dates Quotes That Portray True Love and Sacrifice

7. Lucy: “I don’t know who you are, Henry—but I dream about you almost every night. Why?”

Henry: “What would you say if I told you that notebook you read every day used to have a lot of stuff about me in it?”

Lucy: “I would say that that makes a lot of sense.”

Henry: “You erased me from your memories because you thought you were holding me back from having a full and happy life. But you made a mistake. Being with you is the only way I could have a full and happy life. You’re the girl of my dreams—and apparently, I’m the man of yours.”

8. Young Woman: “So, you must be Lucy’s friend. The one who made the tape.”

Lucy: “I think he’s more than my friend. You’re my boyfriend, right?”

Henry: “Yes, ma’am.”

Stacy: “So every day you help her to realize what happened and you wait patiently for her to be okay with it—then you get her to fall in love with you again?”

Henry: “Yes, ma’am.”

9. Ula: “You meet her, hang out, flirt, no commitment, nobody gets hurt.”

Henry: “She’s got brain damage, you psycho.”

Ula: “Okay, I’ll give you that one. But I think it’d be healthy for you. You haven’t allowed yourself to connect with a girl for many years.”

Henry: “I appreciate your interest Ula, but leave me alone.”

Ula: “Hey, you’d be doing exactly what her father does: Giving her a wonderful day. Then when it’s time for you to go on your big boat trip, poof, you just leave. She’ll never even know you’re gone.”

Henry: “See I’m not sure about the ‘poofing’ part, because I’m not a very big poofer. Could you demonstrate a good poof for me?”

10. Ula: “How long it’s gonna take for her memory to come back?”

Henry: “Her doctors say it may never come back.”

Ula: “So basically, what you’re saying is—she’s the perfect girl for you.”

Henry: “What do you mean?”

Ula: “You can hang out all day with no attachment, because—.”

Henry: “Her plane leaves every night? There’s a problem with that.”

Ula: “What is?”

Henry: “It’s evil.”

11. “It’s my father and I work too hard to protect Lucy to let some idiot ruin it all.” – Doug

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Sweet 50 First Dates Quotes That’ll Take Your Breath Away

12. “Can I have one last first kiss?” – Lucy

13. Henry: “Okay, pal. When she stops, just let her pet you. Look cute. Go to the middle of the road. Thank you. Right there. Perfect.”

Lucy: “Oh, shit.”

Henry: “Here she comes. Smile. Where is she? Oh, my God. Oh no. Okay, that didn’t work. Shit your pants? So did I.”

14. Lucy: “All that flirting and phony ‘I can’t read’ stuff, and then you’re not gonna ask me out or for my phone number?”

Henry: “I can’t read.”

Lucy: “Oh, shut up. That was one of the goofiest things I’ve ever seen in my life, but I thought, ‘Hey if this guy is so desperate to meet me, he might be worth talking to.’ But then I get stiffed.”

15. Henry: “I like your laugh.”

Lucy: “I like when you make me laugh.”

16. Henry: “You know, why don’t you try this? It’s a kind of hinge.”

Lucy: “Now, why didn’t I think of that?”

Henry: “You’re too close to the object. Don’t be too hard on yourself.”

Lucy: “You’re right. Sometimes you need an outsider’s perspective.”

Henry: “Fresh eye never hurts.”

Lucy: “Oh, yeah. Thank you.”

17. Henry: “Lucy, will you marry me?”

Lucy: “Of course.”

Henry: “Good. Don’t forget about me.”

Lucy: “Never.”

18. “Would you like to have breakfast again tomorrow morning, same time? Because I teach an art class at 10.” – Lucy

19. “There’s nothing like a first kiss.” – Lucy

50 First Dates Quotes to Revisit the Movie’s Most Heartbreaking Scenes

20. “I’m gonna miss you buddy, but I gotta get the hell off this island.” – Henry

21. “I wish I was making this up! She has no memory that she ever met you.” – Sue

22. “I just want to try something that will help her remember me.” – Henry

23. Henry: “Do you have any idea who I am?”

Lucy: “No.”

Henry: “No. That sucks.”

24. Henry: “I was petting my walrus all morning and I was thinking of you the whole time.”

Lucy: “Okay, pervert. I think that you should leave.”

Henry: “What? I was just joking around because of what we talked about yesterday.”

Lucy: “Yesterday? I’ve never even met you.”

25. Doug: “Did you tell Lucy about this trip?”

Henry: “Actually, there’s nothing to tell because I decided not to go. I mean, Lucy needs me here. I’m just worried about going away for a year and ruining all the progress she’s made. I know you think I’m crazy, but I think deep down inside she’s starting to remember who I am.”

Dr. Keats: “No, Henry. That’s what you want to believe. It’s what we all want to believe. But it’s not gonna happen.”

26. Lucy: “I was so nervous to come here and meet the guy that makes me fall in love with him every day.”

Henry: “You probably thought I couldn’t live up to the hype.”

Lucy: “No, I was nervous because I came here to break up with you. You had plans and a life before you met me and now all you have time for is to make me fall in love with you every day. I look at my dad and my brother’s lives and I won’t do that to you.”

Henry: “What do you want me to do? Be some chapter in your scrapbook and go?”

Lucy: “No. My plan is to erase you completely so it’s as if you never existed.”

Henry: “Why are you doing this?”

Lucy: “Because you have to understand that there is no future with me. Don’t you want to have a career, marriage and children?”

Henry: “I asked you to marry me last night. You said yes. Kids? Yeah, I’d love to do it.”

Lucy: “But, how is that going to work? I’m gonna wake up every morning with an enormous pregnant belly and no memory of how it happened?”

27. “If you know her condition, you know she can’t have a normal relationship with the man. Because the next morning, she won’t know who he is. And any guy who’s okay with that, ain’t okay with me.” – Marlin

28. “I have no life.” – Henry

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Hilarious 50 First Dates Quotes for Those Who Need a Good Laugh

29. Kid: “What’s wrong with that turtle?”

Henry: “He has lung problems because he smoked too much turtle weed, which is bad for you. Right, Ula-la?”

Ula: “What? I don’t smoke weed!”

30. Caddy: “I wouldn’t surf with a bleeding wound like that. You might attract a shark or something.”

Ula: “What’s wrong with that, cuz? Sharks are naturally peaceful.”

31. Dr. Keats: “Tom lost part of his brain in a hunting accident. His memory only lasts 10 seconds.”

Ten-Second-Tom: “I was in an accident? That’s terrible.”

Dr. Keats: “Don’t worry, you’re totally gonna get over it in about three seconds.”

Ten-Second-Tom: “Get over it? I mean, what happened? Did I get shot in the brain—hi, I’m Tom.”

32. Lucy: “I have a boyfriend. I’m sorry.”

Henry: “You’re making up a boyfriend so you can get rid of me?”

Lucy: “No. I’m not.”

Henry: “What’s his name then?”

Lucy: “Ringo.”

Henry: “Is his last name, Starr?”

Lucy: “No. McCartney.”

33. Henry: “It’s gonna be alright, Luce.”

Lucy: “Don’t call me Luce. I barely know you.”

Marlin: “Sweetie, you’re sorta dating him.”

Henry: “Sorry, I’m not better looking.”

34. “The Beach Boys? How nice of that man to give me a CD that will remind me of all the wonderful times I shared with his daughter. What an asshole.” – Henry

35. “You kids suck; you’re good at everything.” – Ula

36. “Good morning. Lucy. Lucy. Hey, hey, hey. Okay, I know this is hard for you to understand right now, but we are actually seeing each other.” – Henry

37. Doug: “Is this the guy?”

Marlin: “Yeah. Mr. Roth, I have one simple request. Stay away from my daughter.”

Henry: “Absolutely. I just, I think I hurt her feelings and I don’t want it to end like that.”

Doug: “Yeah, well, it’s gonna end like this!”

Henry: “Calm down, little fella!”

Doug: “I’m gonna kill you. You’re a dead man. Okay, I’m calm! I’m calm. I coulda whooped his ass.”

Marlin: “Then maybe you need to do a little bit more butt flexes.”

38. Henry: “Yikes, that’s a lot of vomit!”

Alexa: “This is why I got into this business, to save sea animals.”

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50 First Dates Quotes That’ll Make You Burst Into Laughter 

39. Henry: “Let me ask you something, Alexa. If you made a promise to a girl’s dad that you would not see her anymore—would you consider that like a binding promise?”

Alexa: “Absolutely.”

Henry: “Yeah?”

Alexa: “But then again, there are always ways around such things.”

Henry: “Like?”

Alexa: “For example. If I promised a woman’s father I would not see her—I would simply shut my eyes, while she serviced my manhood.”

40. “Remember to use a condom, or in your case, a Hefty bag.” – Henry

41. “All I know about walruses is that, out of all mammals, they have the second-largest penis. I have the first.” – Dr. Keats

42. “Jocko, do you think that Henry and I are ready to take our relationship to the next level? You sure about that? And do you think that I should bring him into the other room and take advantage of him? I saw that hand gesture. And I’m glad you did it.” – Lucy

43. “Actually I’m not drunk at all, Noreen and neither are you, because there’s no alcohol in these drinks. Sadly, I’ve used this technique many times. It helps lovely tourists such as yourself loosen up without impairing your ability to stay awake all night and have guilt-free vigorous sex with me.” – Henry

44. Ula: “Dude, I met this sexy blonde tax attorney from Florida at Starbucks today. I told her you the kahuna she wanna have fun on this island. You want her number?”

Henry: “You pimping tourists for me again, Ula?”

Ula: “Yes. I live vicariously through you, remember? My life sucks. Now, come on, give her the Waikiki sneaky behind the cheeky.”

45. Alexa: “I am grouchy due to lack of recent physical intimacy.”

Henry: “Oooo—.”

Alexa: “Shut up, because here comes a one-time-only opportunity. What I will do now is go into your office and become naked. Next move is up to you. I may not be as limber as I once was—but yeah, I make up for it with enthusiasm and willingness to experiment.”

Do You Believe In True Love?

Love comes in many forms and has many faces. This is shown in 50 First Dates—a movie that displayed unconditional love in all aspects.

For one, Lucy showed us that love would endure even if the mind forgets because the heart will remember what makes it beat. Though challenging, this is one of the things that gives Henry and her family hope and strength to keep going in life.

Another aspect where love can be seen is through Henry. It could’ve been so easy for him if he just chose to flee and forget, but he decided to dedicate the rest of his life to Lucy. He became her compass and guiding light in the confusing world she lived in.

The movie’s last, and probably most underrated, type of love is family love. Our family members have their own dreams and paths to pursue in life. But, Marlin and Doug, knowing Lucy’s condition, decided to sacrifice and dedicate the rest of their lives to protect Lucy.

No doubt, this feel-good romantic comedy is more than just its sweet lines. Love is what makes the world brighter and warmer, so if you’ve found the one you love, do everything to make them happy! Feel free to revisit this list whenever you need a reminder of that fact.

Have you found the one for you? Would you make the same sacrifices for them? Please, share your thoughts below!

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