50 Chris Brown Quotes on Loving Life & the Hustle

These Chris Brown quotes will help you get a feel of the meaningful life he’s living!

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard about Chris Brown or even listened to at least one of his songs. He’s a worldwide superstar with many talents; he’s a singer, dancer, graffiti artist, actor, and more.

It was his melodic voice, meaningful lyrics, and groovy moves that pushed him toward success. However, there’s more to Chris Brown than just his fame. In fact, he’s actually a deep person with wise insights when it comes to depression, accountability, and more.

So, if you’re curious to find out more, reading this list will be a great way to start! Read on and uncover some lessons to live by.

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Best Chris Brown Quotes

1. “Never let a couple of good memories make you move backward. Look ahead and move on.”

2. “Be careful who you trust and tell your problems to.”

3. “People who make mistakes and learn from them are role models too. I’m just happy to inspire growth and positivity.”

4. “Follow your dreams; just make sure you have fun too.”

5. “Unity is what we are afraid of, so fear is insanity. Let’s love each other.”

6. “Never assume you know what’s going on in someone’s life unless you heard it straight from the source.”

Inspiring Chris Brown Quotes to Motivate You

7. “I always imagined I could be what I wanted to be.”

8. “To be the best, you have to beat the best.”

9. “Gratitude is the key that unlocks wonder.”

10. “Everywhere that I’ve been, the only thing I see is beautiful people.”

11. “I think the key is basically just your determination. As far as an artist is concerned, it’s just about your drive and your dream.”

12. “I would say I’m an inspirational guidelines book. You can take my life story or scenarios or songs and relate to them and apply them to your everyday life.”

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Chris Brown Quotes About Life

13. “People change; things go wrong. Just remember, life goes on.”

14. “You start to live when a moment feels like a lifetime.”

15. “Amplify your life, not status. Trust no one. There is always a plot and motive.”

16. “Bad things are always going to happen in life. People will eventually hurt you, but you can’t use that as an excuse to hurt someone back.”

17. “I can say that I am only human, and I have made mistakes. I can say that I try to live my life in the most true, honest way that I can. I am not perfect; no one is. No one is harder on me than me. No one can please everyone. No one can live in the past and expect to grow. I have been moving forward and hope that I am not defined by just a few moments in my life but all of the moments that will make up my life.”

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Chris Brown Quotes on Love and Relationships

18. “A relationship is not based on the length of time you spent together. It’s based on the foundation you built together.”

19. “If you’re not happy being single, you’ll never be happy in a relationship. Get your own life, then share it.”

20. “One thing people often want me to talk about is my public love life. When it comes to my love life, the perception seems as though I am a player. But that’s not true. Love is something I am still learning. It’s just an obstacle that I haven’t yet mastered. I think that’s my biggest hurdle in life.”

21. “You are my greatest gift, and I seal it with a kiss.”

22. “With dates, I like to cater to a girl. We do whatever she likes. If she were open to what I wanted to do, it probably wouldn’t be a dull date because I am a jock.”

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Short Chris Brown Quotes That’ll Change Your Perspective

23. “Take me as I am, not who I was.”

24. “You can’t be old and wise if you were never young and crazy.”

25. “You got that smile that only heaven can make.”

26. “A man’s attire is only an outward projection of his inward self.”

27. “There’s never a right time to say goodbye.”

28. “Body is a blessing; ain’t no second-guessing.”

29. “Wave to the haters like nanananana.”

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Chris Brown Quotes That Zoom in on His Career and Music

30. “Haters keep on hating cause somebody’s gotta do it.”

31. “It’s not my job to try to persuade people to love me; it’s only to try to make them love the music.”

32. “Since I’m always working, my best holiday memories are definitely when I can just go home and spend time with my family.”

33. “Me and my people do it big out in public, ’cause if you don’t do it big, you ain’t doing nothing.”

34. “With fame, you can’t trust everybody. You can’t depend on them being there for you as a person. They will only be there because of what you’ve got you as a person. They will only be there because of what you’ve got and what you can bring to their life. It’s not a relationship—it’s a leech.”

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Chris Brown Quotes to Get To Know Him Better

35. “My mother taught me to treat a lady respectfully.”

36. “I want to meet someone who doesn’t already think they know me.”

37. “Even when my world’s falling down, I still wear a smile.”

38. “My tattoos complement my attitude.”

39. “I love attention. If I see a gang of girls? That makes me dance even more!”

40. “I can’t hate people for making a judgment on me or making a decision of liking me or not liking me. All I can do is try to better myself as a person. And I’m good with knowing everything isn’t always going to be perfect.” 

41. “Jesus didn’t die on the cross to bless our life; He did it to change our life.”

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Sweet Chris Brown Quotes That’ll Make You Swoon

42. “If I had the minutes, I would turn ‘em into hours and make love to your mind, not your body instead.”

43. “I don’t know your name, but excuse me, miss, I saw you from across the room. And I got to admit that you got my attention.”

44. “If I had a moment, I’d capture that moment. You’d be right here next to me.”

45. “So please don’t judge me, and I won’t judge you ’cause it could get ugly before it gets beautiful.”

46. “I ain’t afraid to drown if that means I’m deep up in your ocean.”

47. “Listen to your heart. Girl, you know we should be apart. Baby, I just can’t do it, and sometimes it makes me wanna cry.”

More Chris Brown Quotes for All His Fans

48. “Pause so the fans can applause.”

49. “You are the fans; sit back and watch. That’s all you’re doing anyway.”

50. “I’m not promoting that. But my songs are talking about me becoming a man.”

Did These Chris Brown Quotes Inspire You to Live the Life You Dream Of Living?

Being in the spotlight means being subjected to criticism, both constructive and not. This possibility makes us crawl inward and stop our true selves from shining through. However, as we learn from Chris Brown, life is about enjoying and doing what makes you happy.

We should never hold ourselves back from pursuing what we want because we’re afraid of what other people would say. Remember, what they say is irrelevant to our progress; we should never let their words affect us negatively. By doing so, like Chris Brown, we open ourselves up to opportunities that will bring us to our true happiness.

It will be tough to navigate through life, but remember: life goes on. Whether you stop here or continue forward, time will always pass you by, so why not make the most out of everything?

We hope these Chris Brown quotes were able to open your eyes to the limitless possibilities and wonders of the world. Whenever you feel discouraged or demotivated, revisit this list and find quotes that encourage you to continue!

Are you a fan of Chris Brown? Did you learn anything new about him through our collection? We’d love to hear from you, so comment below!

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