180 Lil Durk Quotes On Keeping Your Dreams Alive

If you are into Drill music, I’m sure you’ll enjoy these Lil Durk quotes we’ve compiled for you.

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Let’s look at how Lil Durk conquered hardship to achieve success.

Lil Durk’s interest in music began at a young age, and he soon began recording his own music.

Later, he signed with the music label Def Jam Recordings and is now widely considered as the best rapper ever to be associated with the famous label.

Lil Durk is well-known for linking his music to the violence of Chicago’s streets and popularizing the “Drill Music” style.

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Best Lil Durk Quotes

1. “Money don’t make us, we make money.”

2. “One thing I hate is a liar.”

3. “I look up to myself, tryna get better—always tryna get better.”

4. “I’m just trying to show people that I ain’t gotta ride off no movement. I can ride off myself.”

5. “Temporary decisions cause permanent pain.”

6. “Growth doesn’t come with the people you expect to grow with you.”

7. “My message is just showing people how I came from nothing.”

8. “The family knows how I feel about them. I can do no deal without them. I can’t even live without them.”

9. “Pay attention to every sign around you.”

10. “I’m a good guy at the end of the day, you know what I’m saying? A lot of people will believe what they see in the media from a long time ago. I’m just growing as an artist and as a person.”

11. “It never crossed my mind to cross my guys. I’m real with it.”

12. “Loyalty over all that made up shit.” 

13. “I’m on the road to riches, it’s just a lil traffic.”

14. “I’m happy with the person I become.”

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Famous Lil Durk Quotes

15. “Everybody is always going to sound like somebody. You got to separate yourself.” 

16. “I’m my own boss, you know?”

17. “I’m really living my dream. So if I were to change anything up, I probably wouldn’t be where I am.”

18. “Don’t tell me that you love me if you ain’t gone die for me.”

19. “What I say goes in real life, not the internet.”

20. “Don’t cross us, ‘cause we ain’t doing this shit for the fame.” 

21. “I can’t complain ‘bout nobody and their family all I know is I’mma take care mine no matter what.”

22. “I keep on loving people who don’t love me back.”

23. “I can turn dreams to nightmares without you knowing it’s me.”

24. “I’m the perfect example of ‘never give up.’”

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Inspiring Lil Durk Quotes

25. “You got to have a strong mind if you fall back. When you fall back, they going to count you out. So you got to have a strong mind and know your worth. When you come back, you’ve got to be different and even more better.”

26. “Stay working. Stay busy. It should be motivation instead of down time because downtime is like being depressed. It shouldn’t be like that. It should really be motivation to keep going.” 

27. “I might roll a blunt up for my people. I might pour a cup up for my people.”

28. “We out working the hardest workers.”

29. “Once upon a time, I was really lost. I was 18 going on 19, and I was shy. All I want to do is get money, and the way I was thinking I was going to do that was a negative route.”

30. “I would say I grew without a doubt. My whole energy in life—as an artist and as a person—has definitely got me smarter and wiser.”

31. “I doubted myself when I was losing, thankful for not giving up.”

32. “I get congratulations from the people who matter the most in my life. Thank y’all.”

33. “I speak my soul through my music, I’m so passionate.”

34. “There’s definitely a lot of responsibility to keep the good energy going.”

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Lil Durk Quotes About Life

35. “Money, streets—it’s all the same. Power, respect—it’s all the same. Life, loyalty—it’s all the same.

36. “I never meant to start a war, I just wanted you to let me in.”

37. “You got one life to live and you decide to be goofy, huh?”

38. “Real life, my movie don’t come with actors.”

39. “I don’t wish jail on nobody, not even my worst enemies.”

40. “The streets are my hustle, I’ve been through the struggle.”

41. “Tell me what your life like, n*gg*. Tell me what your life like.

42. “I gotta stay in that light where people will see me and hear me. And not be scared of me, you know?”

43. “Be with someone who can make you laugh, when the whole world tries to make you sad.”

44. “Don’t be scared to live your life without judgment.”

45. “Death can happen anywhere, but kids in Chicago—like 4 years old—can get shot. You don’t really hear that in too many places.”

46. “Separating myself—only follow those who follow me.”

47. “Can’t trust no one—issa fake everywhere.”

48. “Be careful who you tell yo business to.”

49. “What really broke it down was I had my son while I was locked up, so that really affected me. I can’t really have this, knowing my father was locked up when I was small. So that really out of everything—through the fame, the money, everything—that really put the toll on me, ‘Oh yeah, I gotta change.’”

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Lil Durk Quotes About Being Loyal

50. “All I need is some loyalty.”

51. “You ain’t loyal like you say for.”

52. “Still love your *ss to death no matter what.”

53. “Life, loyalty—throw L’s that’s how we bang. I ain’t switch it up on my n*gg*s how could I change?”

54. “Not loyalty—you’re a f*ck*ng n*gg*. Can’t claim what I claim.”

55. “They support when you up; when you down, they don’t even call you.”

56. “Gotta be a snake to hang around your snakes.”

57. “Where them people be with you, but they really don’t love you.”

58. “I know you with him ‘cause he gotta sack. You say you don’t like no feelings attached. I know that you lied and can’t mix it with facts.”

59. “Don’t call me your brudda if you ain’t prove your loyalty.”

60. “Don’t get too comfortable around dem snakes.”

61. “My own mama warned me bout you, f*ck n*gg*s. Even she says that you look sneaky, can’t be trusted.”

62. “If a n*gg* talkin’ ’bout fightin’ me, gotta deal with my brothers.”

63. “I’m down to ride for my brothers, no. Can’t no n*gg* talk bad about my brothers.”

64. “Knowin’ your vibes be fake and crazy That’s why, me, I keep it the realest.”

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Lil Durk Quotes About Success

65. “Always read your contract. Know what you’re getting yourself into. Know your worth.”

66. “I’ll never stick to one sound, I switch it up.”

67. “I got more power so don’t try me.”

68. “It feels good to be in a place now where I can give back to my community.”

69. “We came from nothing really. One house. Ten people. Even days the lights were off. The worst days were not eating. Surviving off rice and toast.”

70. “I’mma climb up to the top. Money up and it will not drop.”

71. “Don’t talk about money ‘cause I done made plenty.”

72. “I f*ck*d the whole world no matter who involved.”

73. “Couldn’t wait to get the crown, say to myself when I make it, I’m gone.”

74. “Sometimes, I like to scan the ledge—feel like I’m above ’em all.”

75. “Even when you’re winning, keep working like you’re losing.”

76. “I ain’t expect it. I just expected to be Chicago famous—‘hood famous. I ain’t expect to be outside-of-Chicago famous.”

77. “I don’t want to try to piggyback off of anybody else.”

78. “I wanna do everything under the sun. I wanna do everything just one on one.”

79. “Sometimes we laugh and sometimes we cry, but I guess you know now, baby. I took a half and she took the whole thing, slow down, baby.”

Lil Durk Quotes That Will Empower You

80. “I speak my mind—I don’t care how nobody feel.”

81. “Couple big n*gg*s tried to lil me.”

82. “I think my problem is that I argue with people—no matter their age.”

83. “Can’t see me, you gotta pull up Youtube. Even though my situation you lose.”

84. “I was tired, they didn’t realize. Certain vibes, it don’t feel right. Plenty nights got me traumatized.”

85. “Are you married to the streets? It’s hard to get a divorce. It’s even hard to get separation.”

86. “Never care so much, run out of Woods, just pass the Dutch.”

87. “Been through worse before. Like why you put me last. I put you first before.”

88. “Put me in my place when I’m in the wrong. You make me mad, I’m throwing dirt up in yo name in songs.”

89. “When I do shows, I take pictures and make the fans feel like family. All of that really matters. That’s the cheat code if you ain’t got a hit.”

90. “And if you thinking ‘bout taking my chain, just know you will die with it.”

91. “Atlanta is definitely where it’s at. I still go back to Chicago a lot though, I got family there.”

92. “I think every artist should go for a Grammy.”

93. “I just moved to Atlanta so the change of scenery and environment put me in a different mood and a different vibe, both good.”

94. “I love to be counted out, it makes me hungry.”

Lil Durk Quotes About His Personal Life

95. “I know the consequences of my actions.”

96. “I was 17 and out of school, living with my mom, starving, not eating, getting locked up, no focus, no guidance. When you ain’t got no guidance, you can’t do too much. But then I had my first son and started working. I got the right people around me.”

97. “The people who never did sh*t for me always expect me to break my neck for them.”

98. “You can’t turn up on them social sites, thinkin’ it’s gon’ be alright.”

99. “I won’t lie, keep my arms high. And I love who I lie to.”

100. “I had a bad background just growing up as a child.”

101. “I’m not tryna die young out here like I’m Roddy Ricch.”

102. “I have three kids, and that’s a big part of staying focused.”

103. “I’m big on the studio. I like to stay in it 24/7.”

104. “Bone Thugs is one of my favorite rap groups of all time. I listened to them all the time when I was a kid.”

Lil Durk Quotes About Family

105. “I grew up without a father, so I have to be on point for my kids.”

106. “Rapping is my dream, but my kids make me happy.”

107. “They tell me it’s all love, but I love all.”

108. “You don’t know who really love you at heart when you got money.”

109. “I don’t want my kids to be on the streets, period. I want my kids to be nerds. I want them to be book smart or play sports. I don’t want them to know nothing about the streets.”

110. “It piss me off how y’all change shit around tryna make it like somebody a hoe talking bout her like talking bout my kids kill that rumor my b*tch ain’t nun like you goofy hoes.”

111. “You can post your money if you take care your family and put your n*gg*s in position to win and def make sure your kids took good care of you gotta be a opp or somebody wit me hit ya hoe if you hate on me.”

112. “I still show love like y’all ain’t never count me out.”

113. “The one I call my brother not my brother cause he told them other n*gg*s we not brothers.”

114. “Gotta watch out for who loves me and the same people who hurt me.”

115. “Been around my brothers, you give me endurance.”

116. “Who love you when no one there, who love you when no one care.”

117. “Man, it’s all love. You can’t learn without my brother ’cause it’s all us.”

118. “Street n*gg*s need a prayer.”

119. “If you love the streets more than you love your family, you crazy.”

Motivating Lil Durk Quotes

120. “I can’t get over my pain. Make you feel better.”

121. “I’m undefeated—that’s the stone truth ‘cause battling me is like fighting.”

122. “All the haters getting mad cause I’m right here.”

123. “I got enough on my plate, tryna turn away, tryna turn away.”

124. “Never have I ever needed anybody.”

125. “I never thought I would see the outside of Chicago.”

126. “I just want to paint that picture of Chicago that everybody’s missing, and I just want to rap about it.”

127. “Moving to Atlanta is one of the best things I did.”

128. “Certain parts are bad in every city, but Chicago is beautiful.”

129. “This life is for the ghetto.”

Lil Durk Quotes That Will Make You Think

130. “I don’t think anybody feels safe in Chicago. Bullets ain’t got no name on them.”

131. “I was goin’ through that pain alone. I was goin’ through that phase alone. We all change, you say I change alone.”

132. “My vision ain’t the same vision my livings ain’t the same living.”

133. “System lost my daddy, man. That shit is scary. Life without parole is so much weight to carry. Signed to the streets yea, b*tch, I’m married.”

134. “We move the same, we all as one, that’s what I’m talking about. I’m just saying you touch my chain of chalk ’em out.”

135. “My father was incarcerated for 25 years, 26 years, so I had a rough past, but me moving to Atlanta, I just thought that changed my whole identity—my thinking.”

136. “B*tch, you Instagram famous, but you not a star.”

137. “I use the studio as my drug. That’s where I relieve everything at—the studio.”

138. “Big bag don’t mean everything wavy. I got 99 problems like Jay Z.”

139. “I prayed for times like this to shine like this.”

Lil Durk Quotes That Will Change Your Life

140. “If you play with my name, those streets gon’ give you a taste.”

141. “You got to want to evolve. It’s something you can practice on but it just came to me. I wasn’t really sitting there like, ‘What can I do to get better?’ It just came to me, talking to my people and my crew. They just tell me what my strongest and weakest points are at.”

142. “India helped me become the voice. Thank you, baby.”

143. “Growing up in Chicago is hard. I’d say 80 percent of the people ain’t really got no daddies. Their household wasn’t right. All they know is the streets and getting some money to support each other and support their family.”

144. “I can buy anything I want now. It hasn’t changed me personally. It just changed what I can do for myself and my family.”

145. “And hate on me and my attire. I just put on, for me and my city. And ever since, shit been on fire.”

146. “Real in the streets, but to them I keep it real. I know how these haters talking, hoping I can’t keep a deal.”

147. “Became the voice of the streets and my people ain’t believe in me. I’m supportive of the streets and them people ain’t believe in me.”

148. “These the days of my life. Extra money I’m maxing. To get it much I’m on a scratch.”

149. “I been living down in Atlanta, but everyone back home has been in my thoughts, especially those doing something for the community and all the neighborhood heroes. I thought about all the first responders putting their lives on the line to help out and it inspired me, so I took a jet back to Chicago to show my thanks.”

Lil Durk Quotes About His Career

150. “They told me don’t die young because I’m talented.”

151. “I like aiming for the producers who are hungry. I don’t chase the waves.”

152. “I don’t throw shade at anybody like, ‘You sound like me.’”

153. “Put your own twist to it. That’s how you stay relevant. Or things get old and boring.”

154. “I worked with Ty Dolla Sign, YG, Nipsey Hussle, Metro Boomin—I build relationships, and I try to stay afloat with everyone who is hot or cool, period.”

155. “I wanna get the streets riled back up. I wanna get super tours and bookings.”

156. “I made ‘LS4TS2’ for women, my Day 1’s, the trenches, and all those that doubted me.”

157. “It’s either you finna create your own wave, you finna sound like me or you finna sound like G Herbo, you finna sound like Chance The Rapper, you finna sound like Juice Wrld. You ain’t gonna get too far ’cause you sound like somebody. So, create your own lane and do your own style.”

158. “I’ve been with Def Jam Records for five years and they gave me my first recording contract so for that I’m forever grateful.”

159. “Shoutout to my competition. These shots to my opposition.”

160. “I remember they told me I sing too much. I became the voice and gave ‘em a different touch.”

161. “If you got a vibe with a producer, I think you should go full-fledged instead of being satisfied with two songs.”

162. “I let my partners and my DJ listen to my songs and if they say, ‘Oh yeah I felt that one’ or ‘I am feeling that’ then I write it down and we just continue building the album from there.”

163. “When I began to rap, I wasn’t taking it real seriously. As I start seeing good things, it’s getting serious.”

164. “I let my team pick what order the records go. I don’t pick my own records. I’m a fan of my music regardless so you have to think outside of the box.”

Unbiased and Iconic Lil Durk Quotes

165. “Money, power, respect—that’s what I grew up n*gg*.”

166. “I wasn’t really into music. I was into the streets. I was too worried about the streets and how I was going to eat and how I was going to make the streets happen.”

167. “Sometimes, the people you think pick you up low key be the downfall.”

168. “I just be cool. How I be cool? I got my own way of thinking.”

169. “You know you can’t get over me. You know you can’t get away from me.”

170. “Atlanta is just different. It’s the music city.”

171. “What you think is important, don’t be locked in and focus.”

172. “N*gg*s don’t know me. They act like my homie.”

173. “I support and I’mma start supporting more young turnt n*gg*s who don’t hate on the next man.”

174. “You could see that face on the brick or thousand.”

175. “I know what you did, don’t wanna hurt no more. Even though you took me through some hell.”

176. “I rock with Chance, I rock with Kanye, I rock with Common.”

177. “I’m grabbing the clip and my n*gg*s screaming action. Screaming action, n*gg* we screaming action.”

178. “Send money off to them books even if I gotta sell hooks.”

179. “In Chicago, a lot of people don’t really got nothing to live for. Everybody can’t ball. Everybody can’t rap. Nobody is really doing those activities. There’s nothing to do but the streets.”

180. “Look up, man. I know we winning. Haters mad cause they ain’t in it.”

Which of These Lil Durk Quotes Motivated You to Move On From Your Past?

Like other Drill music pioneers such as Chief Keef, Young Chop, and Lil Reese, Lil Durk has a rough history. Durk’s father was sentenced to life in prison while he was still a child growing up in a tough Chicago neighborhood. 

He grew up in poverty, living with his mother, yet he managed to make his place in the world. Lil Durk is now more than just a brilliant musician—he is now a father to his three children and a husband to his wife. He ensures that his children have all they need so that they do not have to go through what he did as a kid.

May the quotes above inspire you to go forward in life despite your difficult background. Like Lil Durk, his history is not an impediment to his musical career success. Let this be a lesson to all of us that everything happens for a reason, and that you should not let your past hinder you from achieving your goals in the future.

Do you have any Lil Durk quotes that we didn’t include in this collection? We would be delighted to hear from you! Please leave a comment below.

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