30 New Jack City Quotes on Crime, Law, and Action

Let these New Jack City quotes take you on an action-packed ride filled with lessons on society and more.

New Jack City is a movie that tells the tale of Nino Brown and his experiences and struggles as a drug tycoon. The plot was also primarily based on the real-life story of the Chambers Brothers—a gang that ruled Detroit in the 1980s. Just from that, we can already get an idea of how intense the plot is and how impactful its morals can be for viewers.

More than the action, New Jack City is well-loved because of the numerous lessons it offers. Through it, we learn about how influential emotions can be, how hard it is to make decisions, and the workings of the business world.

If you haven’t watched New Jack City yet, this list of its best quotes is a great start. Read through our collection and get a sneak peek of the ins and outs of crime, society, and more.

Check out the complete list below.

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Best New Jack City Quotes

1. “Money talks and bullshit runs a marathon. So, see ya, and I wouldn’t want to be ya.” – Nino Brown

2. “This whole drug sh*t, it’s not a black thing, it’s not a white thing. It’s a dead thing. Death doesn’t give a sh*t about color. You don’t have to like me. Hell, I don’t even know if I like you. But we’re in this together now, partner.” – Nick Peretti 

3. “You embarrassed me, man! In front of all the people, you treated me like I was soft. You treated me like I was spineless! We built this sh*t! You didn’t do this sh*t by yourself! You forgot about me, man, your brother.” – Gee Money

4. “Am I my brother’s keeper? Yes, I am.” – Nino Brown

5. Judd Nelson: “Behind door number one, your head explodes like a melon.”

Scotty Appleton: “Behind door number two, you hook us up with Gee Money and get the prize, Nino Brown.”

Famous New Jack City Quotes

6. “I don’t know about you, man? But I’m ready to kill Nino Brown.” – Scotty Appleton

7. “Yeah, yeah, a mind is a terrible thing to waste. Now back to the t*tties—what’s going on in this drug store.” – Scotty Appleton

8. “Yeah, we takin’ over Carter. We gon’ bum rush the whole damn thing. Now, if the tenants cooperate, oh, it’ll be lovely. They’ll be loyal customers; if not, f*ck it, it’ll be like in Beirut, they’ll be live-in hostages.” – Nino Brown

9. Gee Money: “Let’s just make it like it was. Let’s be a family. Let’s make it like it was. F*ck them cars and them b*tches and all that sh*t. F*ck that sh*t! Let’s do us, me and you. Let’s be a family again.”

Nino Brown: “I’m on the run. It can never go back the way it was.”

10. “Unadulterated! Would you please shut the f*ck up before you have a seizure!” – Gee Money

11. “I knew I should’ve treated you like a hooker; you ain’t nothing but a high-priced ho! Put Nino on the phone, b*tch!” – Gee Money

12. “Yo baby, we talkin’ about combining and consolidating, that’s what’s up.” – Nino Brown

13. “I’m not guilty. You’re the one who’s guilty. You lawmakers, the politicians, the Colombian drug lords, all you who lobby against making drugs legal. Just like you did with alcohol during Prohibition. You’re the one who’s guilty.” – Nino Brown

14. “You know what happened to it. ‘The world is mine.’ Remember that?” – Gee Money

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New Jack City Quotes to Make You Feel the Intensity of the Each Scene

15. “Now that’s how you kill somebody, my brothers. You get right up on the motherf*cker, and blam! Blow his brains all over the sidewalk in broad daylight.” – Gee Money

16. Wesley Snipes: “Get the f*ck out of here. I know damn well ain’t nobody sucked your shriveled-up dick.”

Tracy Camilla Johns: “You trying to dis me?”

Wesley Snipes: “I’m just telling the truth. That’s all I’m doing. Several times a day, my *ss.”

17. Scotty Appleton: “What? All he gets is a year? No, this ain’t happening. I should have killed you myself, b*tch.”

Wesley Snipes: “Well, that’s the difference between you and me. Don’t get mad, Tito. It’s the law. Sucks, huh? Well, maybe when this is over with, you can come and work for me.”

18. Wesley Snipes: “You sound like this sh*t will change the world.”

Tracy Camilla Johns: “I don’t know about all that ‘change the world sh*t,’ but I do know they are going crazy over this. And the b*tches—oh lord. These b*tches, they do anything for this, man. I had my jimmy waxed every day last week. Do you understand? Several times a day.”

19. Gee Money: “Everything is mine. Everything! Even my woman.”

Nino Brown: “Is that what this is about? That f*cking skeezer? Do you think I give a f*ck about her? F*ck that ho b*tch! I don’t give a f*ck about her!”

Gee Money: “It isn’t about her! It’s about us. I love you, man.”

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New Jack City Quotes for Those Who Loved the Movie

20. “You f*cked up. You f*cked up big time. You’re incapable of running this sh*t. Sit your five-dollar *ss down before I make a change!” – Nino Brown

21. “I tried to kick—but that sh*t just be callin’ me, man. It be callin’ me, man. I just got to go to it.” – Pookie

22. “You know, a drug dealer is the worst kind of brother. He won’t sell it to his sister; he won’t sell it to his mother. But he’ll sell it to one of his boys in the street.” – Scotty Appleton

23. “Rastaman, I’m here to tell you Nino Brown says your services are no longer needed in the community.” – Gee Money

24. “They call it the Enterprise Room, man because it’s for people who wanna be beamed up to Scotty.” – Pookie

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Short New Jack City Quotes That’ll Forever Be Iconic

25. “I had my jimmy whacked every day!” – Gee Money

26. “I wanna shoot you so bad, my dick’s hard!” – Scotty Appleton

27. “You gotta rob to get rich in the Reagan era.” – Nino Brown

28. “They got that sh*t hooked up like Mission Impossible, man!” – Pookie

29. “Idolater! Your soul is required in hell!” – Old Man

30. “What’s up, baby? You got skim milk in them t*tties or what?” – Pookie

How Did These New Jack City Quotes Affect Your Views of the World?

The world of crime is never something we can idolize and use as a role model. However, through New Jack City, we’re given a whole new perspective on how society, crime, and many other things work. 

Nino Brown, the movie’s main character, teaches us a fundamental lesson in business that we can apply to everyday life. He teaches us that business will always be business, and we should never let our emotions get in the way of making rational decisions. Alongside this, we also understand that making decisions when we are emotional can be detrimental to our goals.

If we let ourselves get whisked away by our emotions, we might act on something without thought and much consideration. At the end of the day, this might lead us to regrets and missed opportunities.

Indeed, the life of crime is dark, challenging, and almost always unprogressive. Even so, we hope this list of the best New Jack City quotes was able to teach you a thing or two about the workings of the world. Make sure you keep these lessons in mind the next time you watch the movie.

Which of these quotes got you hooked? Did you learn anything else from Nino Brown and the other characters? Comment below.

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