50 She’s the Man Quotes on Braveness and Equality

Take a look at some of our favorite She’s the Man quotes that will take you back to your younger self!

She’s the Man is an entertaining movie loosely based on Shakespeare’s play, Twelfth Night. It follows the life of a teenage girl named Viola, who joined the school’s soccer team by pretending to be her brother.

Viola’s transition from a girl to a boy is a must-see, especially the brewing romance between her and her roommate, Duke. The movie also has a couple of humorous and hilarious scenes that most teens can surely relate to. 

Aside from its strong relevance to teens, this movie covers an important and controversial issue in our society—gender equality. Teenager or not, if you’re a fan and looking for the best quotes from the movie, we have it all for you.

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Best She’s the Man Quotes

1. “I can do this. I am a dude! I am a hunky dude! I’m a badass hunky dude!” – Viola

2. “Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.” – Duke

3. “Chew like you have a secret.” – Viola

4. “Heels are a male invention designed to make a woman’s butt look smaller. And to make it harder to run away.” – Viola

5. “Remember, inside every girl, there’s a boy.” – Paul

6. “Be a man. Suck it up and rub some dirt in it.” – Duke

She’s the Man Quotes That Will Teach Us Lessons in Life

7. “You know—it’s crazy how wrong you can be about a person—you think that they are one thing and then they turn out to be the exact opposite.” – Duke

8. “Sexual tension, male-female dynamics—all part of the high school experience.” – Principal Gold

9. “Shower shoes are to be worn at all times in the shower room except when in the actual shower. Did you not read your dorm life pamphlet?” – Malcolm

10. “I think our best chance to be great here today, is to have you play.” – Duke

11. “You don’t want to freak her out, you’ve got to have a casual conversation first, hello?” – Viola

12. “Ask me some questions and if the chemistry’s right, things will just start flowin’.” – Viola

13. “Just because you wear a wig, doesn’t mean you’re a girl.” – Duke

She’s the Man Quotes That Will Tickle Your Heart

14. “Just so you know, everything you told me when I was a guy, just made me like you so much more as a girl.” – Viola

15. “Well, you know maybe if I had known you were a girl, we wouldn’t have talked like we did, and got to know each other the same way. And that would’ve been a shame.” – Duke

16. “Well, a few days ago I kissed this girl at a kissing booth. And now, I just can’t seem to stop thinking about it.” – Duke

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Relatable She’s the Man Quotes for Teenagers Worldwide

17. “I skipped a couple of grades. I’m brilliant. Shh.” – Viola

18. “I need your advice, man. I got lady troubles.” – Toby

19. “No man, if you wanna kiss her, you go right ahead and you kiss her! I mean, knock yourself out! You just take her, then kiss her. Then kiss the crap out of her!” – Viola

20. “Why, why do you always talk about girls in such graphic terms?” – Duke

21. “You don’t have to flirt with her first, okay, genius? You’re paying for it.” – Nine-year-old kid

22. “I did not cry during that game. I had something in my eye.” – Justin 

23. “Quit blushing! That’s lame.” – Viola

24. “Okay, how come when I wanted to ask Eunice out everyone made fun of me, but then Sebastian likes her and suddenly she’s cool?” – Toby

25. “Dude, come on, you’re a guy. What would you do? If the hottest girl in school came to you and asked you on a date?” – Duke

26. “Look, I don’t know, I just always say the wrong—I just always say the wrong thing.” – Duke

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Funny She’s the Man Quotes for a Brighter Day Ahead

27. “You stick it right in, it absorbs right up.” – Viola

28. Daphne: “He’s so handsome—and rugged—and chiseled—and great.” 

Viola: “Then why don’t you date him, Mom?”

29. “Does he have your number? 1-800-BEYOTCH?” – Viola

30. “You know how it is. New school, new babe pool.” – Viola

31. “You’re an appealing guy—man—guy—guy man.” – Viola

32. Viola: “What does your heart tell you?” 

Duke: “What?”

Viola: “I mean—which one would you rather see naked?”

33. Toby: “She’s got a little something-something.”

Andrew: “Yeah—asthma and headgear.”

34. “Okay, why do you have tampons in your boot?” – Duke

35. “Oh my god! You’re roommate’s a freak!” – Andrew

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Cheeky She’s the Man Quotes That You Will Love

36. “When I close my eyes, I see you for what you truly are—which is ugly!” – Viola

37. “Girls with asses like mine do not talk to boys with faces like yours.” – Monique

38. “What’re you gonna do? Drown me in your tears?” – Duke

39. “That’s right. Didn’t score on me last half, won’t score on this half! I’m a ninja. Ninja goalie.” – Justin

Short She’s the Man Quotes to Remember

40. “I got a lifetime of knowledge.” – Viola

41. “Why yes I do; my favorite’s gouda!” – Viola

42. “I’m allergic to the sun.” – Viola

43. “Fine. End of relationship.” – Viola

44. “Oh, for the love of Gods! It burns!” – Viola

45. “Beware of the old guy chewing gum. It’s not gum.” – Olivia

46. “So, uh, you play the beautiful game—bros—brothers—brethren?” – Viola

47. “You’re the guy—I’m the bigger guy.” – Viola

48. “I gotta go change my feet.” – Duke

49. “Beckham does it all the time.” – Viola

50. “Oh yeah, I’m growing sideburns now? No!” – Viola

Did the Quotes Take You Back to Your Teenage Years?

She’s the Man is a movie full of comedy and will surely give you a good hearty laugh. But, if you keep the humor out of it, it has a depth that can affect you on a deeper level.

The movie challenges the standard female generalizations by showing the world that women can achieve the things that society thinks only men can do. Viola did a great job at doing that since she emphasizes the fact that ladies don’t have to act feminine and weak to be categorized as real women.

No matter what gender we have, She’s the Man teaches us to be confident, brave, and to stay true to ourselves. Everyone is equal and must have an equal opportunity to pursue goals and dreams in life. It’s your job to be the master of your life!

So, be proud of yourself and be brave enough to reach for your dreams, no matter what they may be. With that, we hope that our collection was able to help you embrace both the good and the not-so-good sides of yourself. 

Which of these quotes were most relevant to you? What did you learn from today’s collection? Feel free to join the discussion below.

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