110 Paris Hilton Quotes That Will Empower You

Paris Hilton Quotes

These top 110 Paris Hilton quotes will serve as your light and power in preparing to be the best version of yourself! Paris Hilton is a businesswoman, singer, and actress born in New York City. She is a well-known socialite who has donated millions of dollars to charity. Paris is a strong and independent woman … Read more

Five Quotes That Could Change Every...
Five Quotes That Could Change Everything

120 Point Break Quotes That’ll Make You Catch Your Breath

Point Break Quotes

These top 120 Point Break quotes will keep you up all night with their dangerous and endless action hunt.  Point Break is a 1991 action crime film that features Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze. The story revolves around the experiences of an FBI amateur in a Los Angeles bank robbery case.  The movie became a … Read more

100 Spencer Reid Quotes for the Not Normal Fans

Spencer Reid Quotes

This collection of Spencer Reid quotes will remind you of why you love him so much and at the same time, give you insight into his mind. Spencer Reid is a fictional character from the procedural crime series, Criminal Minds. He is a genius with an eidetic memory that made him brilliant as an agent. … Read more

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120 Meredith Grey Quotes on Life, Medicine, and More

Meredith Grey Quotes

Whether it’s in the hospital or even just day-to-day activities, we’re sure there are a bunch of lessons you can pick up from this collection of Meredith Grey quotes. Doctors tend to strive for perfection as their responsibility is in the line between life and death. Grey’s Anatomy is a TV series that highlights the … Read more

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130 Steven Universe Quotes on Strong Friendship & Bonds

Steven Universe Quotes

These top 130 Steven Universe quotes will teach you valuable lessons that you can share with the entire universe! Steven Universe remains to be one of the most iconic Cartoon Network series that ever aired. It told the story of a young boy named Steven Universe who, along with the Crystal Gems, attempted to save … Read more

160 Big Mouth Quotes That Will Guide You Through Puberty

Big Mouth Quotes

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite Big Mouth quotes to help you embrace the process of physical and mental development. Big Mouth tells a journey of the seventh-grade students that underwent adolescent experiences. They navigate puberty while dealing with issues such as masturbation and sexual arousal.  Find out how these groups of friends seek … Read more

140 Kenny Powers Quotes to Help You Win in Life

Kenny Powers Quotes

If you are dealing with life’s challenges and changes in your routine, this collection of Kenny Powers quotes is perfect for you. In Danny McBride’s hit comedy series, Eastbound & Down, Kenny Powers is a well-known baseball player. After a losing streak in the major leagues, he returns to his hometown to work as a … Read more

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150 Jersey Shore Quotes on Life at the Beach

Jersey Shore Quotes

Being with our friends is one of the happiest times in our lives, which is why we’ve compiled a list of 150 Jersey Shore quotes to remind you of the wild times you had with your gang. Jersey Shore was an American television series that debuted in December 2009. It became popular because it realistically … Read more

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150 Fairy Tail Quotes on Love, Friendship, and Life’s Battles

Fairy Tail Quotes

You’ll thank us later for providing you with the best Fairy Tail quotes that will keep you motivated during difficult times and that will teach you the value of friendship. Fairy Tail is an anime inspired by Hiro Mashima’s manga series. It revolves around the adventure of teenage wizard Natsu Dragneel and his friends. Natsu … Read more

20 Levi Ackerman Quotes on Decisions, Pain, and Battles

Levi Ackerman Quotes

If you need Levi Ackerman quotes to inspire you to keep moving and set your eyes on your goals, this collection is for you! Levi Ackerman is a commander of the scout regiment that kills titans—a giant humanoid monster that devours humans. He is a clean freak and keeps a poker face. Levi is one … Read more