80 Roddy Ricch Quotes That Will Inspire You to Work Hard

These Roddy Ricch quotes will tell you about a rapper who’s been through hell and back and still managed to accomplish a lot in life.

Roddy Ricch is an American artist who dabbled in rapping and producing. He made a name for himself in the music industry when he released his hit single, Die Young, which was dedicated, in part, to his childhood friend. Its music video received over 80 million views on YouTube and 120 million Spotify streams.

Today, he is one of the most promising artists in the world. Continue reading this collection if you want to be inspired and motivated to work hard!

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Best Roddy Ricch Quotes

1. “Fully focused is the only way to be.”

2. “I don’t believe in things that I can’t see.”

3. “I like vibes who like to vibe with other vibes.”

4. “Mistakes are meant for learning, not to repeat the same decisions.”

5. “I went through my darkest times alone so I’m sorry if I act like I don’t need anyone.”

6. “I can’t speak on or be responsible for anybody’s actions but my own.”

7. “Gotta count all blessings and learn from all mistakes.”

8. “Know who you are before someone can tell you.”

9. “Having no expectations means no disappointments.”

10. “I want to make people think about certain things or have them ask the question of ‘why.’ I just want to always keep the people wondering.”

Inspirational Roddy Ricch Quotes

11. “I ain’t follow nobody’s path; I did it my own way. It’s just grindin’, ya feel me? You just gotta grind.”

12. “Never be ashamed of who you are, your story, or how you react to situations. Don’t ever be ashamed of how you communicate with people. Don’t ever be ashamed of the person you are. Be you.”

13. “Always keep an open mind.” 

14. “I don’t really be putting no limitations or projections on myself. I just go do it.”

15. “Never take time for granted—always have a speak now or forever hold your peace mentality.”

16. “I’m still very involved in my community. I give back and I’m always there for the homies. That’s one of the biggest parts of what I do.”

Roddy Ricch Quotes Packed With Wisdom

17. “Usually, the loudest in the room is the weakest. The quietest man in the room, who is being very observant, is the smartest and the strongest.”

18. “Anybody can get the money but everybody can’t keep it.”

19. “People showing love to you aren’t owed to you—just make sure your heart is pure.” 

20. “I think I’mma make every hood proud. Everybody that ever seen me come up, know what I came from, know how I came up, know where I started. I feel like I’ma just make everybody proud.”

21. “You never wanna rise to the top too fast in anything.”

22. “Go with your gut feeling every time.”

23. “I always have positive intentions.”

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Wise Roddy Ricch Quotes About His Views on Life

24. “It’s never guaranteed for somebody to be successful. It just really be God.”

25. “A lot of street dudes, you know their grandma go to church every Sunday. A lot of people in the pen, a lot of that come from them running away from that. They seen their grandma always going to church, mama always going to church, but they still struggling. This the reality of some peoples’ lives.”

26. “As I experience life, my music is gonna evolve. At the same time, I still do tell the stories from my world because there are unlimited stories and unlimited people from that place. I’ll always represent them. As my life begins to change and I do different things, I still want to be able to tap in and relate to them.”

27. “Kendrick Lamar taught me that life experience is an important part of being a good illustrator. When you’re illustrating a story, you have to go based on your personal experiences.”

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Roddy Ricch Quotes on His Interest and Passion for Music

28. “I just make the music and then the music speaks for itself.”

29. “My music is really my therapy. I really lay all my feelings into the songs, and really just leave ’em there. I don’t carry that weight when I’m going throughout life. I’m not sad all the time.”

30. “I really just wanted to put out songs with people that I was rocking with.”

31. “All my songs mean something to me.”

32. “I be on some, perfecting my craft, just making sure the music is all the way there.”

33. “I just wanted to do something positive. I feel like music was the talent that I had, I just had to tap into it.”

34. “I make music for n*ggas that I came up with, so they always felt the music from the very first time I ever said something on a beat. We all came up together. We all we got.”

35. “When I approach music, it just really just be in me. It don’t be like nothing. I don’t sit there and be like, ‘Man, this melody.’ It just really just be in me to come up with some sh*t. It ain’t like a thing where I really put too much thought. Some people say that’s not a good thing, but you know, I think it’s cool.”

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Roddy Ricch Quotes to Get Insight Into His Personality and Beliefs

36. “I love and appreciate everybody that listens to me.”

37. “I go through a lot of different pain, I just never show it.”

38. “Sometimes I be in my mood where I don’t wanna talk to nobody.”

39. “Once I get a different vibe, you get a different me.”

40. “When everyone else is moving fast, I tend to question that. Why is everything moving so fast? Let me kick back and move a little slower. That’s just how I am. I’m more of an observer than a person who moves.”

41. “I just stay in my own lane and not worry about what anyone else is doing and settling my own pace.” 

42. “I don’t play no one else’s game and I don’t run no one else’s race because if I did that, I wouldn’t be who I am.”

43. “I can share my experiences with people, and they identify with it and sing it back to me. That’s the best feeling in the world.”

44. “I’ve always known that I have a different mentality. I can move in different ways and that’s for people to realize.” 

45. “I can’t just close myself off to the world, because then I won’t be inspired anymore. I won’t be able to talk about nothing.”

46. “When you be broke, you tend to wanna do that for some reason. I wasn’t broke growing up, but we ain’t have a lot.”

47. “I was anti-social, but at the same time, people gravitated to that because they wanted to figure out who I was and why I was how I was.”

48. “Every time I record, I always spill what I’m feeling that day, you know what I’m saying? I’m not really the type of person to talk to people or share my feelings or nothing like that, so when I’m in the booth, I don’t even really write like that, I just be going off of what I’m feeling or what I’m thinking. So, it be like that.”

49. “Since I’ve been like famous, I ain’t never like put nobody on a song. I did mixtapes and stuff, but this was like the first real feature I ever put out with anybody.”

50. “I like to talk about different subjects because then you give the people a chance to really digest something, and then take whatever they associate themselves with at the time.”

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Thought-Provoking Roddy Ricch Quotes That’ll Influence Your Worldview

51. “I don’t explain myself—you couldn’t take two steps in my shoes.” 

52. “If I’m speaking to the streets and for the streets, they gon’ respond. I don’t even be thinking about blowing up.”

53. “When a person goes to jail, what people don’t realize is you’re alive, but you’re dead to the world. People forget about you. When you go to jail, you’re a story.”

54. “I won’t never sell my soul, and I can back that.”

55. “I just wanna shine like the Wraith roof stars.”

56. “I hate the fact that everyone comes with intentions these days.”

57. “Jewelry isn’t a necessity, but sometimes it can bring out my fashion. Sometimes if I’m wearing very dark clothes, like darker colored, black, anything like that, and I put white jewelry on top, it looks crazy because it’s like, the contrast of the diamonds and the dark clothes.”

58. “People misinterpret my lyrics sometimes too, but I mean, it is what it is.”

59. “I can see people reciting what I spit. That’s amazing. This is what comes from my heart. It’s intangible. If I can take what’s in my heart and put it in yours, that’s something people can’t touch or take away from me.”

60. “It’s some people I wish I never gave conversation to that’s why I’m slow to speak.”

Roddy Ricch Quotes About Friends and Companions

61. “Lord protect me from my friends, I can take care of my enemies.”

62. “It’s people that’s in your corner and it’s people in your business. Know the difference!”

63. “I be feeling like all the love they be showing fake.”

Roddy Ricch Quotes on Love and Relationships

64. “I always asked if you were leaving and you always said never.”

65. “Is my heart that f*cked up to where I can’t see what real love is?”

66. “I put some ice on you ’cause you got a cold heart.”

Funny Roddy Ricch Quotes to Brighten Your Mood

67. “I used to tell people I slept on the floor, in my songs.”

68. “Usually when my music drops, I can go to my hood, I can hear people playing it. Now it comes from performing it, people knowing it, and stuff. It’s crazy!”

69. “I don’t really sing—I just hear notes so I know what it’s supposed to sound like, if that makes sense. You ever hear someone try to teach a choir how to sing, but they can’t sing? That’s me.”

Roddy Ricch Quotes and Lyrics From His Hit Songs

70. “I start to see that sh*t myself when I got a couple million.”

71. “I ain’t no player, I just got a lot of baes.”

72. “I ain’t tryna die young so I gotta ride with one.”

73. “You see my diamonds even when I’m in the dark. And since you got it, it makes you go and do anything you want to.”

74. “I got the mop, watch me wash ’em like detergent. And I’m ballin’, that’s why it’s diamonds on my jersey.”

75. “All of my diamonds gone buss out the meter.”

76. “I had to go through the struggle, I didn’t forget that.”

77. “Now these n*ggas got they hands out, if ain’t give it, I’d be wrong.”

78. “I’m from the bottom of the bottom, check your sources, baby. I’m a war baby, but I can’t divorce the paper.”

79. “Gotta keep it on me, I don’t wanna die young.”

80. “Is it okay if I call you my Prada bae?”

Did These Roddy Ricch Quotes Teach You Anything About Perseverance and Overcoming Adversity?

Roddy Ricch, like many musicians, began rapping and singing at a very young age. His style is a mashup of different rap styles from various generations, which made him unique.

In 2019, he released the Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial album, which topped the Billboard charts. He has also received many honors, including a Grammy Award, BET Awards, and an American Music Award.

All in all, his inspiration for all his accomplishments came from the tragic death of his best friend. He claims that he does not make music for the sake of fame. It’s all about getting his message out there and enjoying the fortune that comes with it.

Roddy Ricch believes that to overcome adversity in life, we must always be consistent and take risks to reap the rewards. It doesn’t matter what you’re going through as long as you learn how to stand again to get that plot twist you’re looking for!

Have you heard any of Roddy Ricch’s music? Which of these quotes is your favorite? Please, leave a comment below.

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