50 Treasure Planet Quotes on Dreams & Adventures

Let these Treasure Planet quotes inspire you to reflect and enter the depths of self-discovery and love.

Treasure Planet is a Disney movie based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel, Treasure Island. It is a sci-fi spin-off about Jim Hawkins’s adventures in finding the location of Treasure Planet.

More than the excitement that you will feel from the action-packed plot, it will also teach you about reaching your dreams.

Jim was determined to find Treasure Planet, no matter how hard it was. This speaks volumes about his character’s personality.

Through this, we learn about perseverance, dedication, and integrity. Undoubtedly, he is an inspiration and motivation that can encourage little kids and adults to reach their goals in life.

So, add this to your must-read list now to help you reflect on yourself and your life. Keep reading below to learn more about the movie, Treasure Planet.

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Best Treasure Planet Quotes

1. “Look at you glowing like a solar fire. You’re something special, Jim. You’re gonna rattle the stars. You are!” – John Silver

2. “I was never much good at games. Always hated to lose.” – John Silver

3. “You got the makings of greatness in you, but you got to take the helm and chart your own course! Stick to it, no matter the squalls! And when the time comes, you’ll get the chance to really test the cut of your sails and show what you’re made of! And well, I hope I’m there, catching some of the light coming off you that day.” – John Silver

4. “I’m starting to see my life pass in front of my eyes! At least, I think it’s my life. Was I ever dancing with an android named Lupe?” – B.E.N

5. “I mean, at least you taught me something, ‘Stick to it, right? Well, that’s just what I’m gonna do! I’m going to make sure that you never see one doubloon of my treasure!” – Jim Hawkins

6. Jim Hawkins: “Ah, I’ve got some plans to make people see me a little different.”

John Silver: “Sometimes, plans go astray.”

Jim Hawkins: “Not this time.”

7. Jim Hawkins: “Silver, you gave up?”

John Silver: “Just a lifelong obsession, Jimbo. I’ll get over it.”

8. “All my life, I dreamed of an adventure like this. I’m just sorry I couldn’t have been more helpful to you.” – Dr. Delbert Doppler

9. “Well, this has been a fun day. Making new friends, like that spider psycho.” – Jim Hawkins

10. “Ohhh, you still don’t know how to pick your fights, do you, boy? Now, mark me. Either I get that map by dawn tomorrow or so help me, I’ll use the ship’s cannons to blast y’all to kingdom come!” – John Silver

11. Sarah Hawkins: “Jim, I don’t want to lose you.”

Jim Hawkins: “Mom, you won’t. I’ll make you proud.”

Treasure Planet Quotes on Adventure and Space Exploration

12. “On the clearest of nights, when the winds of the Etherium were calm and peaceful, the great merchant ships with their cargos of Arcturian solar crystals felt safe and secure. Little did they suspect that they were pursued by pirates. And the most feared of all these pirates was the notorious Captain Nathaniel Flint.” – Jim Hawkins

13. Jim Hawkins: “Do you think somebody will ever find Treasure Planet?”

Sarah Hawkins: “Sweetheart, I think Treasure Planet is more like a legend.”

Jim Hawkins: “I know it’s real.”

Sarah Hawkins: “You win. It’s real.”

14. “Without the map, we’re dead. If we try to leave, we’re dead. If we stay here—.” – Jim Hawkins

15. Dr. Delbert Doppler: “Flints’ Trove? The loot of a thousand worlds? Do you know what this means?”

Jim Hawkins: “It means that all that treasure is only a boat ride away!”

16. Sarah Hawkins: “Delbert, would you please explain how ridiculous this is?”

Dr. Delbert Doppler: “It’s totally preposterous! Traversing the entire galaxy alone!”

Sarah Hawkins: “Now, at last, we hear some sense!”

Dr. Delbert Doppler: “That’s why I’m going with you!”

17. “You know the rules. They’ll be no brawling on this ship. Any further offenders will be confined to the brigg for the remainder of the voyage. Am I clear, Mr. Scroop?” – Mr. Arrow

18. Jim Hawkins: “Whoa! What is all this stuff?”

B.E.N.: “You mean the miles and miles of machinery that run through the entire course of the inside of this planet? Not a clue!”

19. “Disable a few laser cannons. What is the big deal? All we gotta do is find that one little wire.” – B.E.N.

20. “With that treasure, we could rebuild the Benbow a hundred times over!” – Jim Hawkins

21. “Doctor, I’d love to chat. Tea, cake, the whole shebang, but I have a ship to launch, and you’ve got your outfit to buff up.” – Captain Amelia

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Treasure Planet Quotes That’ll Leave an Impression on You

22. “They weren’t exactly singing my praises when I left home. But I’m gonna change all that.” – Jim Hawkins

23. “You have the most beautiful eyes.” – Captain Amelia

24. “In an honest service, there is thin commons, low wages, and hard labor.” – Black Bart

25. “We best be keeping a sharp eye on this one, eh, Morph? Wouldn’t want him straying into things he shouldn’t.” – John Silver

26. Jim Hawkins: “Was it worth it?”

John Silver: “I’m hoping it is, Jimbo. I most surely am.”

27. Sarah Hawkins: “Are you saying that because it’s the right thing, or because you really want to go?”

Jim Hawkins: “I really, really, really, really want to go. And it’s the right thing.”

28. “Jim, this should be a wonderful opportunity for the two of us to get to know one and other. You know what they say. ‘Familiarity breeds,’ um, well, ‘contempt.'” – Dr. Delbert Doppler

29. “I’m Captain Amelia. Late of a few run-ins with the Procyon Armada, nasty business, but I won’t bore you with my scars. You’ve met my first officer, Mr. Arrow? Sterling, tough, dependable, honest, brave, and true.” – Captain Amelia

30. Jim Hawkins: “Mom, this is it! This is the answer to all our problems!”

Sarah Hawkins: “Jim, there is absolutely no way.”

Jim Hawkins: “Don’t you remember? All those stories?”

Sarah Hawkins: “That’s all they were! Stories!”

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Funny Treasure Planet Quotes to Fill Your Day With Laughter

31. “Touching and talking. Those are my two big no-nos.” – B.E.N.

32. John Silver: “Didn’t your pap ever teach you to pick your fights a bit more carefully? Your father was not the teaching sort?”

Jim Hawkins: “No. He was more the ‘taking off and never coming back’ sort.”

33. “Mr. Arrow, I’ve checked this miserable ship from stem to stern, and as usual, it’s spot on. Can you get nothing wrong?” – Captain Amelia

34. “Dang it, Jim! I’m an astronomer, not a doctor! I mean, I am a doctor, but I’m not that kind of doctor. I have a doctorate. It’s not the same thing. You can’t help people with a doctorate.” – Dr. Delbert Doppler

35. “I’m fluent in ‘flatula,’ Jim. Took two years of it in high school.” – Dr. Delbert Doppler

36. Captain Amelia: “Did you actually aim for that?”

Dr. Delbert Doppler: “You know, actually I did.”

37. “Doctor, to muse and blabber about a treasure map in front of this particular crew demonstrates a level of ineptitude that borders on the imbecilic. And I mean that in a very caring way.” – Captain Amelia

38. “I feel like such a useless weakling with abnormally thin wrists.” – Dr. Delbert Doppler 

39. “In the flesh! Well, sort of, except for skin, organs and anything that, that, that resembles flesh, that’s not there.” – B.E.N.

40. Police Robot 1: “Are you the boy’s father?”

Dr. Delbert Doppler and Sarah Hawkins: “Oh! Good heavens, no!”

Sarah Hawkins: “Eww! He’s just an old friend of the family.”

41. “That was more fun than I ever want to have again.” – Dr. Delbert Doppler 

42. Scroop: “Cabin boys should learn to mind their own business.”

Jim Hawkins: “Why? Do you have something to hide, bright eyes?”

Scroop: “Maybe your ears don’t work so well.”

Jim Hawkins: “Ugh! Too bad my nose works just fine.”

43. “Why, Mr. Arrow, sir. Bringing in such fine and distinguished gents to grace my humble galley. Had I known, I’d have tucked in me shirt.” – John Silver

44. Captain Amelia: “I don’t much care for this crew you hired. They’re, how did I describe them, Arrow? I said something rather good this morning before coffee.”

Mr. Arrow: “‘A ludicrous parcel of driveling galoots,’ ma’am.”

Captain Amelia: “There you go, poetry.”

45. Dr. Delbert Doppler: “I have a question. Is it that your body is too massive for your teeny-tiny head, or is it that your head is too teeny-tiny for your big fat body?”

British Pirate: “I pummel you good!”

46. “I’m sorry, my memory isn’t what it used to be. I’ve lost my mind. Haha! I’ve lost my mind! You haven’t found it, have you?” – B.E.N.

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More Treasure Planet Quotes for Those Who Loved the Movie

47. “I keep dreaming one day I’ll open that door, and there he’ll be, just the way he was. A smiling, happy little boy, holding a new pet and begging me to let him keep it.” – Sarah Hawkins

48. “If I could maneuver a skiff like that when I was your age, they’d be bowing in the streets when I walked by today.” – John Silver

49. Billy Bones: “He’ll be coming soon. Can’t let them find it.”

Jim Hawkins: “Who’s coming?”

Billy Bones: “The Cyborg. Beware the Cyborg.”

50. Billy Bones: “He’s a-coming. Can you hear him? Those gears and gyros clicking and whirring like the devil himself!”

Jim Hawkins: “Hit your head there pretty hard, didn’t ya?”

Can You Relate With Jim Hawkins’s Need to Prove His Self-Worth and Purpose?

We’re used to movies that focus on romantic plots. But, Treasure Planet is one of the Disney movies that will make you think deeply about yourself.

It zooms in on finding who you are and accomplishing your goals in life. It is a helpful representation of what it feels like to have the need to prove yourself and your purpose. In a way, some part of us can relate to Jim Hawkins’s feelings and thoughts.

He had a tremendous yearning for his mother’s acceptance—a feeling that we can all indeed relate to in one way or another. Jim may speak ridiculously, and his dreams may seem far-fetched, but his intentions in doing so came from love and innocence.

Hopefully, these Treasure Planet quotes were able to entertain you and made you think about the characters. The next time you watch the movie, remember the top lines in our collection. Like Jim, continue soaring in life and dreaming high!

Which Treasure Planet quote is your favorite? Do you have more to add to the collection? Comment below!

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