90 This Is Us Quotes on Family, Marriage, and Parenthood

This collection of the best This Is Us quotes will move you to tears and let you experience a wide range of emotions!

When This Is Us first aired, no one could have predicted the impact it would have on viewers worldwide. It is a series about a couple who fell in love and created a family stronger than they could have imagined. The narrative alternates between the present and the past, gradually revealing how they came to be the people they are today.

The series also contains many tearjerkers that are hidden within even the most unexpected moments of each episode. It works and hits us to the core because the storylines are so personal. It reminds us of our own lives, struggles, and families.

If you haven’t seen the series yet, check out this list of quotes that will entice you to watch it. We’re positive it’ll teach you new things about family and life that you can apply and live by.

Let’s go!

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Best This Is Us Quotes

1. “You find your soulmate, you get married, you stay together until you die, period.” – Jack Pearson

2. “How you present yourself on the outside reflects how you feel on the inside.” – Beth Pearson

3. “Sometimes you just have to do the right thing. You have to do the right thing, even if it’s not what you want.” – Kevin Pearson

4. “It is better to have loved and lost, surely, but try not to lose it all.” – William Hill

5. “Sometimes we lose things. Things that we love. And it makes us feel sad. Really sad. And I know right now it feels like the worst thing in the world. But I promise you, you’re gonna find something else to love.” – Jack Pearson

6. “Just because you’re sensitive doesn’t mean you’re not strong.” – Rebecca Pearson

7. “What we can control are the people we choose. Choosing our people is the closest we come to controlling our destiny. Because while everything else may change, if you choose right, your people will stay the same.” – Randall Pearson

8. “When big things end, it’s hard not to imagine how they started.” – Kevin Pearson

9. “Understanding and forgiveness are two very different animals.” – Beth Pearson

10. “You deserve it. You deserve the beautiful life you made. You deserve everything.” – William Hill

Great This Is Us Quotes That Focus on Family

11. “I am thankful for my family. I’m thankful that we’re all safe and there’s no one in the world that I’d rather be too hot or too cold with.” – Jack Pearson

12. “It’s family that makes me special. You four are what makes me great. And I’m sorry if I haven’t done a good job of showing you that enough.” – Randall Pearson

13. “This family is not gonna be the thing that keeps you from succeeding tomorrow. This family lifts each other up. You hear me?” – Beth Pearson

14. “Community. It’s a strange word on its own. The word is not as warm as family, but, some people, people like myself, we don’t have family. But that’s okay, because we have each other. We have this place and that’s not nothing. That’s not nothing at all.” – William Hill

15. “Babe, we’re starting a new family. Our family. And no, we don’t have all of your action figures to pass down. And no, we don’t have my handmade football stadium. But babe, we come with us. You don’t need to pass down your favorite thing to your son because I know with every part of me that you are gonna be our son’s favorite thing—you.” – Kate Pearson

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This Is Us Quotes to Make You Fall in Love

16. “I wasn’t expecting you. I didn’t think that we would end up together. The single most extraordinary thing I’ve ever done with my life is fall in love with you. I’ve never been so completely, loved so passionately, and protected so fiercely.” – Beth Pearson

17. “I love you as much as a human heart can love.” – Jack Pearson

18. “When I look in your eyes, I see my home. I see eternity. And no matter what may come our way, I promise that I’ll always choose you.” – Beth Pearson

19. “You’re not just my great love story, Rebecca, you are my big break. And our love story? I know it may not feel like it right now, baby, but I promise you, it’s just getting started.” – Jack Pearson

20. “We don’t work when we’re apart. But, together—baby, together, we set the world on fire.” – Beth Pearson

21. “The one thing I cannot live without is you.” – Toby Damon

22. “You know, when I was a little boy, I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up. Adults always ask little kids that. I never had a good answer. Not until I was 28. Until the day that I met you. That’s when I knew exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wanted to be the man that made you happy.” – Jack Pearson

23. “You make me feel like I’m home.” – Jack Pearson

24. “I don’t need anniversaries to see you. I see you everyday. You are my daily meteor shower.” – Jack Pearson

25. “When you smile, the world is a better place, see? The world just got a little better.” – Toby Damon

26. “I love that you are still the same woman who all those years ago ran out of a blind date because she simply had to sing.” – Jack Pearson

27. “I’m still in love with you and I will be at our restaurant bright and early tomorrow, waiting for you.” – Kevin Pearson

28. “I love the mother that you are. I love that you are still the most beautiful woman in any room and that you laugh with your entire face.” – Jack Pearson

29. “I promise to spend the rest of my life earning your love because you are the only thing—the only thing I’m ever going to need.” – Randall Pearson

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This Is Us Quotes for People Seeking the Meaning of Life

30. “Life feels like Pac-Man sometimes, I guess. It’s the same game over and over again. Same board. Same ghosts. Sometimes, you get a bunch of cherries but eventually and inevitably, those ghosts catch up with you.” – Randall Pearson

31. “I haven’t had a happy life. Bad breaks. Bad choices. A life of almost and could-haves. Some would call it sad, but I don’t. ‘Cause the two best things in my life were the person in the very beginning and the person at the very end. That’s a pretty good thing to be able to say, I think.” – William Hill

32. “We go through this life slowly but surely, just collecting these little pieces of ourselves that we can’t really live without until, eventually, we have enough of them to where we feel whole.” – Kevin Pearson

33. “And then I started to think—well—what if we’re all in the painting—everywhere? And what if we’re in the painting before we’re born? What if we’re in it after we die? And these colors that we keep adding, they just keep getting added on top of one another, ’til eventually, we’re not even different colors anymore. We’re just—one thing.” – Kevin Pearson

34. “It feels like all these beautiful pieces of life are flying around me and I’m trying to catch them.” – William Hill

35. “I painted this because I felt like the play was about life, you know? And life is full of color. And we each get to come along and we add our own color to the painting, you know?” – Kevin Pearson

36. “I know it feels like you have all the time in the world. But you don’t. So, stop playing it so it’s cool. Catch the moments of your life. Catch them while you’re young and quick. Because sooner than you know it, you’ll be old. And slow. And there’ll be no more of them to catch.” – William Hill

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Wise This Is Us Quotes by Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia)

37. “You got to own your choices, boys. Choose them fully and don’t look back.” – Jack Pearson

38. “The moment I saw you, I knew you were my boy.” – Jack Pearson

39. “We’re their parents—we do the best we can. But at the end of the day, what happens to them—how they turn out—that’s bigger than us. Sometimes they’ll make good decisions. Sometimes they’ll make bad decisions. And every once in a while, they’re gonna do something that’s gonna knock us off our feet. Something that exceeds even our wildest dreams. Our kids are gonna be fine.” – Jack Pearson

40. “You’re going to find your balance—and then you’re gonna lose it, and then you’re gonna find it again. That’s the ride. And you’re gonna make a lot of choices, and I’m probably not gonna be around for all of them. The choices you make are gonna be spectacular, because you are spectacular, son.” – Jack Pearson

41. “When I held you for the first time, right here in the hospital, it hit me like a bolt of lightning. You were my purpose. And I swear to you, son, I swear to you, you’ll find yours.” – Jack Pearson

42. “You’re adopted, and we don’t talk about that enough. ‘Cause to me, you are every part my son. Maybe I don’t want you to feel like you stand out. But I need you to know something. I want you to stand out. I want all of you to be as different as you can possibly be. In all the best ways.” – Jack Pearson

43. “That’s what makes our parents loom so large in our heads, I think. They’re a million things to us all at once. And even after they’re long gone, we’re stuck with them. Can’t help it. They’re inside of us.” – Jack Pearson

44. “If it’s between you and having kids, you win, every time. No question.” – Jack Pearson

45. “You weren’t a choice, Randall, you were a fact. You were never a replacement, son. Do you understand?” – Jack Pearson

46. “Some people think the scariest part is coming to the hospital to have the baby. The scariest part is leaving the hospital with the baby.” – Jack Pearson

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Heartfelt This Is Us Quotes by Rebecca Pearson (Mandy Moore)

47. “When you’re a mom, you get a front-row seat to the best show in town: watching your kids grow up.” – Rebecca Pearson

48. “Our marriage wasn’t perfect; it’s true. But none are. Your father wasn’t perfect either, but he was pretty damn close. As close as they come. He pushed a stranger on me, and that stranger became my child, and that child became my life. He became you.” – Rebecca Pearson

49. “I’m terrified that I’m going to make a hundred wrong decisions to keep you guys from living the perfect lives that you deserve, but I will protect you fiercely, and I will always sing to you when you can’t sleep, and I will always be excited to hear you laugh.” – Rebecca Pearson

50. “For the past 16 years, I have put everything and everyone ahead of myself.” – Rebecca Pearson

51. “No. It’s not your job to make me feel better. It’s not. It’s my job. It’s my job to keep standing there with my arms wide open, waiting for you to maybe someday fall inside if you need it. And if you do, I’ll love you. And if you don’t, I’ll love you, too. Because that’s what it means to be a parent. You’ll see one day.” – Rebecca Pearson

52. “Please do not tell me what my husband would do if he loved me. My husband’s a freaking superhero, and you have no idea what you’re talking about.” – Rebecca Pearson

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This Is Us Quotes by Randall Pearson (Sterling K. Brown)

53. “Everyone sees their childhood with different lenses.” – Randall Pearson

54. “When you lose someone suddenly and unexpectedly, it hurts differently.” – Randall Pearson

55. “You see, for days, I’ve been plagued by the question: how do I honor my father’s legacy? Then I realized, I honor his legacy by taking what I learned from the way he lived his life and use it to shape the way I go on living mine.” – Randall Pearson

56. “Sexiest thing about myself is his sense of humor.” – Randall Pearson

57. “Maybe I don’t run into burning buildings for a living, but to me, my work is challenging and exciting. I will not apologize for the fact that it’s hard to explain to people.” – Randall Pearson

58. “When you make a commitment to a child, you have to stick to it.” – Randall Pearson

59. “My dad put on a tie every day because he had to. I put one on every day because I want to.” – Randall Pearson

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Eye-Opening This Is Us Quotes by Beth Pearson (Susan Kelechi Watson)

60. “There’s a fine line between caring and worrying, and sometimes that line gets blurry.” – Beth Pearson

61. “If you’re only going to other people about what’s happening in your marriage, it can be dangerous territory.” – Beth Pearson

62. “That pain is not forever. This moment in time is not forever. Nothing is forever, except us.” – Beth Pearson

63. “I adore you, bro-in-law. Okay? I know I don’t always say it out loud because it kind of ruins my schtick, but I do. You’re the only person who talks to my kids like they’re people and not just kids. You’re kind. You’re funny. And everything about the way you look says people should hate you, but somehow everybody loves you. I love you.” – Beth Pearson

Deep This Is Us Quotes by Kevin Pearson (Justin Hartley)

64. “It all just sort of fits somehow. And even if you don’t understand how yet, people will die in our lives, people that we love. In the future. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe years from now. I mean, it’s kind of beautiful, right? If you think about it, the fact that just because someone dies, just because you can’t see them or talk to them anymore, it doesn’t mean they’re not still in the painting. I think maybe that’s the point of the whole thing. There’s no dying. There’s no you or me or them. It’s just us.” – Kevin Pearson

65. “You have seen things that 99% of us can’t even imagine. And yeah, you made some mistakes along the way, but you’re trying. That doesn’t make you unlovable, it makes you human.” – Kevin Pearson

66. “The point is, I don’t know what we are. Okay? That’s the truth. I don’t know what I think we are. I just know that I like the fact that there’s a ‘we’ for us to talk about.” – Kevin Pearson

67. “‘I’m sorry’ is like a magic word when you’re a kid. Doesn’t matter what you did. Say you’re sorry and it all goes away. Then you grow up, and it just doesn’t work anymore, does it?” – Kevin Pearson

This Is Us Quotes by Kate Pearson (Chrissy Metz)

68. “But the truth is I’m strong. And the things that I have been through have made me tough as hell.” – Kate Pearson

69. “It’s always going to be about the weight for me—it’s been my story ever since I was a little girl. And every moment that I’m not thinking about it, I’m thinking about it. Like, will this chair hold me? Will this dress fit me? And if I ever get pregnant, would anyone ever notice? It’s just at the core of who I am, it’s just deep inside, and eight tequila shots can only mask that for a couple of hours.” – Kate Pearson

70. “Don’t ever stop trying to make me see the way you see me.” – Kate Pearson

71. “Mom, I know that our stuff can be complicated sometimes. But it’s because all that I’ve ever wanted was to be like you. I want to be a singer like you. I want to be a mom like you. I want to have a marriage like yours. Mom, you are not in my way. You are my way.” – Kate Pearson

72. “I want you to be here for me, but even more for Jack. I want my son to grow up with that Rebecca Pearson level magic, too.” – Kate Pearson 

73. “My son is gonna live a life without limits. I know my family can’t give him sight, but they can damn sure give him that.” – Kate Pearson

74. “Toby, it happened to me. It didn’t happen to you.” – Kate Pearson

75. “Football is a really big part of my family.” – Kate Pearson

This Is Us Quotes by Toby Damon (Chris Sullivan)

76. “The hardest part about seeing someone you love in pain is not being able to do anything about it, except try not to make it worse.” – Toby Damon

77. “Okay. How about this? You can watch football, all by yourself, which is totally normal, but with me.” – Toby Damon

78. “I would totally marry you if that’s something you’re down with.” – Toby Damon

79. “Woosh? What is that, the sound that marriage makes?” – Toby Damon

80. “Now, I want you to picture the love of your life. Imagine that you have 30 seconds to win her back. One shot, three sentences. What are those sentences and who are you saying them to?” – Toby Damon

81. “I’d marry the hell out of you, Kate Pearson.” – Toby Damon

This Is Us Quotes by William Hill (Ron Cephas Jones)

82. “I did everything wrong by you, and you’ve done everything right.” – William Hill

83. “Thank you for doing what I couldn’t. For raising him to be the man he is.” – William Hill

84. “Roll all the windows down, crank up the music, grow out that fro. Let someone else make your bed.” – William Hill

85. “I feel like sex. I feel like magic. I feel like music!” – William Hill

More This Is Us Quotes That’ll Pique Your Interest

86. “You’re as tough as they come, Rebecca Pearson. You just didn’t make something resembling lemonade, dear. You made one of the sweetest damn pitchers of lemonade I ever saw.” – Dr. K

87. “It’s a hell of a lot easier to accept who you are, in all your damaged glory, than to try to be someone you’re not. It’s sure a hell of a lot more fun, too.” – Duke

88. “There’s no lemon so sour that you can’t make something resembling lemonade.” – Dr. K

89. “I can’t go back to who I was before I met you.” – Jack Pearson

90. “I have to admit, you two are great together. You’re honest. You’re raw. I think you two can pull this off.” – Ron Schiller

Did These Quotes Make You Value Your Family Even More?

Family is the primary supporting system of our body and the backbone of our lives. They may tell us things we don’t want to hear, but they do it out of love to help us grow. 

This Is Us emphasizes the importance of family and strong bonds of love. It’s full of examples of how wonderful and loving parents will yield exceptional individuals in the future. As in the series, we see how involved they are in their children’s lives and how they go out of their way to help them.

With that, the show received a lot of positive feedback and left a good impression. It also helped raise awareness about the challenges that every family will face and how to overcome them.

Indeed, the Pearsons teach us valuable lessons that we will never forget. Allow forgiveness, acceptance, and open communication to rule your family and relationships. Above all, may your love for them grow stronger with each passing day!

We hope our collection can serve as a constant reminder for you to spend more time with your loved ones. Give them the care, time, and happiness that they deserve.

Were you inspired by our collection? Which quote is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below.

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