50 Taylor Swift Quotes to Inspire Confidence & Bravery

Taylor Swift Quotes

Everyone with a dream or a goal in life can learn from these top 50 Taylor Swift quotes. Taylor Swift is a definitive artist of the 21st century who will forever be remembered as someone who broke boundaries and acted on her inspiration. Ever since her hit, Tim McGraw, was released, she has produced countless … Read more

40 Justin Bieber Quotes on Believing in Your Dreams

Justin Bieber Quotes

Get to know one of the world’s most influential artists through this collection of the top 40 Justin Bieber quotes. Among teen idols that really made a mark in the world is Justin Bieber. His place in the world is so established nowadays that it’s hard for his fans to even start comprehending that there … Read more

50 Chris Brown Quotes on Loving Life & the Hustle

Chris Brown Quotes

These Chris Brown quotes will help you get a feel of the meaningful life he’s living! Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard about Chris Brown or even listened to at least one of his songs. He’s a worldwide superstar with many talents; he’s a singer, dancer, graffiti artist, actor, and more. It … Read more

30 Tyga Quotes to Help You Find Success & Gain Strength

Tyga Quotes

The journey to your success won’t be easy, so read through these Tyga quotes that will help you plan your future! Tyga is a famous rapper from the United States. He is most known for being signed to Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment after independent releases of his demo tapes and mixtapes. Through his music … Read more

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40 YNW Melly Quotes That’ll Push You to Fight in Life

YNW Melly Quotes

Life will never be as easy as pie for anybody, so let these YNW Melly quotes guide you! YNW Melly is a famous American rapper and singer. His rapping technique and his talent for composing helped him become a household name, especially in his hometown. Unfortunately, his childhood wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows; he had … Read more

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50 Gunna Quotes to Help You Thrive & Be Resilient

Gunna Quotes

These Gunna quotes will give you a sneak peek at his life as an artist, lyricist, and fashion icon. Gunna found his way to success through his talent and the way he represented himself through his fashion. He’s considered a game-changer in the hip hop community because of his unique delivery style, meaningful lyrics, and … Read more

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30 Pooh Shiesty Quotes That Will Surely Make You Tough

Pooh Shiesty Quotes

These Pooh Shiesty quotes will inspire everyone to pursue their ambitions, whether in the field of music or not! Many new artists have been on the scene, but one of the most well-known might be Pooh Shiesty. As breakout artist of 2020, he collaborated with rappers and artists from different music labels. This helped his … Read more

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30 Chief Keef Quotes That Will Get Your Vibe Going

Chief Keef Quotes

Read on and let these Chief Keef quotes be your remedy to a gloomy day! Chief Keef is an American rapper who started young. Ever since the age of five, with the influence of his mother and sister, he knew that he could create something inspiring with his creativity. He strived to express his true … Read more

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60 Pharrell Williams Quotes on Life’s Successes & Failures

Pharrell Williams Quotes

Staying motivated in times of hardships is tough, so take a look at this list of Pharrell Williams quotes if you need some encouragement. We all face setbacks in life, and how we respond to them makes the most difference. Some are great at it, but most have difficulty dealing with challenges. This insight compelled … Read more

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60 LL Cool J Quotes That’ll Help You Find Your True Self

LL Cool J Quotes

Let these LL Cool J quotes help you realize that you can be much more than you think you could accomplish. LL Cool J is an artist who did not only limit himself to being a rapper. Instead, he entered into different fields, such as being an actor, a record producer, writer, and entrepreneur. Through … Read more

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