Positive Quotes

110 Positive Quotes to Uplift Your Tired Heart

If you need a boost of inspiration and motivation, read these positive quotes we’ve compiled! Life can be tough, and for most, it may seem like it’s filled with unending pain and challenges. However, the

Being Alone Quotes

60 Alone Quotes on the Value of Solitude in Life

Here are the most thought-provoking and eye-opening alone quotes to help you shift your perspective on life, self-love, and growth! Humans are social beings. Because of this, we find it hard to journey through life

Desperation Quotes

60 Desperation Quotes to Help You Avoid Recklessness

Let this list of desperation quotes remind you that it’s essential to always think before acting! The term “desperate” comes from the Latin word “desperatus,” which means to be deprived of hope. It is a

Embarrassment Quotes

60 Embarrassment Quotes on Handling Awkward Situations

Reading this list of embarrassment quotes will make you feel better when facing an awkward situation! An embarrassment can be a feeling of shame or humiliation. It occurs when you are exposed to something uncomfortable,

Courtesy Quotes

50 Courtesy Quotes on Showing Politeness & Respect

Not everyone is naturally courteous, so read these courtesy quotes to remind you that you should always be good-mannered! Courtesy is showing gentleness, politeness, and respect for others. But, when life isn’t going as well

Affection Quotes

60 Affection Quotes to Show Your Love to Him or Her

If you find it awkward showing your love toward other people, these affection quotes will help you change for the better. Affection is the currency of love. Even if you love someone, your relationship won’t

Thankful Quotes

50 Thankful Quotes That Encourage Endless Gratitude

This collection of thankful quotes will remind you that, despite our defeats, there are still many good things in life to be grateful for. Being consistently thankful gives us many personal and social benefits. Namely,

Compassion Quotes

60 Compassion Quotes to Encourage Empathy and Love

These compassion quotes are must-haves if you want to live your life full of kindness and warmth. Compassion is a word that people equate to kindness, empathy, love, and treating others with dignity and respect.

Patience Quotes

60 Patience Quotes to Help You Keep Your Cool

Life can get pretty hectic, and it’s easy to get agitated, so reading this list of the best patience quotes is an excellent way to compose yourself. Like a lot of people say, patience is