50 Sanity Quotes on Keeping Your Thoughts Together

Sanity Quotes

This list of sanity quotes will help you keep it together, no matter how crazy and loud life gets! As humans, we crave excitement, change, and adventure. But, sometimes, life can get a little too intense, making us feel as if everything is spiraling out of control. It’s in times like this that our sanity … Read more

60 Intelligence Quotes to Boost Your Mental Ability to Learn

Intelligence Quotes

Reading this list of intelligence quotes will help you use your mind to make smarter and wiser decisions! Intelligence is one of the most powerful tools humankind has. It is the ability to use our brain’s power to solve problems and think creatively. In its most basic form, it’s the combination of our knowledge, skills, … Read more

60 Desperation Quotes to Help You Avoid Recklessness

Desperation Quotes

Let this list of desperation quotes remind you that it’s essential to always think before acting! The term “desperate” comes from the Latin word “desperatus,” which means to be deprived of hope. It is a feeling of helplessness and loss of control. It is also a state of mind where an individual is willing to … Read more

60 Embarrassment Quotes on Handling Awkward Situations

Embarrassment Quotes

Reading this list of embarrassment quotes will make you feel better when facing an awkward situation! An embarrassment can be a feeling of shame or humiliation. It occurs when you are exposed to something uncomfortable, especially in public. But, it’s normal for people to feel humiliated. We all experience it at least once in a … Read more

60 Exhaustion Quotes That’ll Get Your Energy Back Up

Exhaustion Quotes

Recharge yourself with these exhaustion quotes we’ve compiled for you! Exhaustion is a physical and mental state of being unable to perform tasks that you used to be able to do quickly. It can be caused by overwork, illness, or stress. When you feel exhausted, your body and mind tell you they need time to … Read more

60 Insanity Quotes to Reflect on the World’s Madness

Insanity Quotes

Reflect on these insanity quotes and see the world through a whole new lens. Insanity is a word that can pertain to severe mental health issues that need to be addressed by medical professionals. However, in another sense, it also means being unique and not conforming to the norm. Contrary to popular belief, the latter … Read more

50 Courtesy Quotes on Showing Politeness & Respect

Courtesy Quotes

Not everyone is naturally courteous, so read these courtesy quotes to remind you that you should always be good-mannered! Courtesy is showing gentleness, politeness, and respect for others. But, when life isn’t going as well as we’d like, we tend to forget these traits. It will be challenging, but we should never give up the … Read more

70 Suffering Quotes to Remind You That You’re Not Alone

Suffering Quotes

This collection of suffering quotes will hold your hand and tell you that many people are also struggling alongside you. One of the worst thoughts that enter our minds when we suffer is that we deserve the terrible things happening to us. We think that we are being punished for the sins that we committed … Read more

60 Sorrow Quotes That Will Take Your Pain Away

Sorrow Quotes

Most of the time, we cannot control what we feel, so we’ve prepared this list of sorrow quotes for you if you need a force that will help reduce the sadness. Sorrow is a natural part of life. It is usually felt when we suffer from misfortune or the loss of something—or someone—important. We’re all … Read more

60 Desire Quotes to Fuel Your Dreams & Passions in Life

Desire Quotes

Read these top 60 desire quotes and gain the motivation to pursue the things that will bring you satisfaction! Desire is one of the most critical emotions human beings must understand. Without it, we would be unable to set goals or take action toward our dreams. But, there are times when our desires—wants—are mistaken for … Read more