Transparency Quotes

50 Transparency Quotes on Living Authentically

If you’re afraid of showing your true self, these transparency quotes will give you all the encouragement you need! Nowadays, most people push themselves extremely hard to present a perfect image to the world. They

American Dream Quotes

60 American Dream Quotes to Rekindle Your Hope

When you’re in doubt and think that you can’t achieve your goals, browse through these American dream quotes to be reminded that every one of us can fulfill our goals! It’s hard to think that

Logic Quotes

60 Logic Quotes That’ll Help You Think Rationally

Read these top logic quotes to help you handle every situation you encounter wisely! Being logical means we can reason clearly and effectively. We don’t just make conclusions based only on our opinions; we assess

Common Sense Quotes

70 Common Sense Quotes on Living Life With Wisdom

These common sense quotes will serve as your guide as you work through life’s complications. One of the most important things a human must have is common sense. You can be incomparably intelligent, influential, and

Keep Trying Quotes

40 Keep Trying Quotes on Conquering All Your Battles

Maintaining a positive attitude despite your daily struggles can be hard, so check out these keep trying quotes we’ve compiled for you!  More often than not, it’s impossible to conquer our battles in one go.

Trying Quotes

60 Trying Quotes on Dedication and Perseverance

When you continuously fail, it’s hard to stay motivated; so read through these trying quotes and energize yourself! Whenever you want to achieve something, the only thing you need to do is try it out.

You Got This Quotes

60 You Got This Quotes on Giving It Your Best Shot

This list of you got this quotes is perfect for everyone who needs encouragement, especially when faced with life’s many challenges. More often than not, we get stuck in one place because of one thing—fear.

Judging Others Quotes

60 Judging Others Quotes to Veer Away From Criticism

These top 60 judging others quotes will help people understand and respect one another! There are times when people just can’t help but judge others by their looks, gender, social class, and lifestyles. Even though

Country Girl Quotes

60 Country Girl Quotes to Add Some Spice Into Life

This collection of the best country girl quotes is perfect for all the Southern belles out there! Social media and fiction usually portray women wearing flashy clothes, working in big offices, and living luxurious lives.

Crying Quotes

60 Crying Quotes to Relieve Your Hurting Soul

When you find it hard to express your emotions, read this list of crying quotes that’ll offer you comfort and peace. Crying is viewed by many as a sign of weakness and defeat. However, it’s